10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Holidays at Home

By Jackie Lam
December 10, 2020

The holidays? Yeah – they’ll be different this year, no doubt. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While you might not be able to travel like in years past, you can still have a fun, festive time with your nearest and dearest. 

It all starts with a little shift in your mindset. Sometimes it’s a matter of seeking the good-good in our at-home situations, or even the world at large.

Don’t believe us? You soon will! Read on for a few ways you can alter your perspective to embrace the heck out of this holiday season:

FROM I’m so bored
TO I get to enjoy some downtime 🥰

This year, staying local means skipping out on the frenzy that is frantically prepping gifts, and uprooting your day-to-day to hop on a plane, train, or car. 

You actually might have the luxury of “hitting pause” and slowing things down. So take a self-care day, or two. And most importantly, try to relax. Read a good book, sip some tea, draw a bath. Free time can be a gift if you embrace it.

FROM I can’t go out
TO I get a chance to save some money 🤑

Want in on a sweet meat, silver lining of a stay-put holiday? Don’t forget that you’re saving a boatload of money by not traveling.

That’s cash you don’t have to expend on the cost of a flight, eating out, or staying at a cool hotel. If you can swing it, aim to put some of that money into your savings account. Better yet, put it toward an emergency fund, or a money goal you want to make headway on. Yesss.

FROM I can’t enjoy my aunt’s home baked goodies
TO Hey, let’s have a bake-off!🍪

Who says you can’t? If your out-of-state family is missing your dessert game this year, consider a virtual baking session where you demonstrate how to create your most popular concoction. 

To up the interactiveness, try organizing a bake-off where you and your fam compete. You can even send each other samples in the mail beforehand to do some taste testing, too!

FROM There’s no way to help others
TO I’ll spread good cheer all around me 🤗

You know what they say: you don’t have to give a lot to get a lot. Well, since you’re staying local, see if you can put out some positive vibes by asking your neighbors if there’s anything they could use your help with.

Channel your inner-baker and whip up some delicious goodies. See if a local non-profit could use a donation (it’s not always money they need), and schedule a drop-off. A kind thank-you note can go a long way, or see if a local food shelter or women’s home could use some manpower (maybe off-site). You get the gist.

FROM I can’t enjoy quality time with my family
TO We can celebrate in a new, coziery way 🏠

Love the warm and fuzzy feels from gifting with the fam? Just because we aren’t doing things IRL this year doesn’t mean we can’t spend quality time with them.

So throw on your elf hat and play Santa’s helper by putting together a virtual gift exchange of sorts. You can use a free service such as Elfster and have folks create wish lists. Then, take a poll on Doodle to find the perfect online-partay time.

FROM I’m all by myself
TO I’m the host of my holiday movie night 😎

Queue up all your fav holiday films and enjoy a virtual watch party with your pals. Out of all the streaming services these days, you shouldn’t face too much trouble finding something for everyone.

Whether it’s a classic movie or a more modern take on the holidays, you can guffaw, cry, or cuddle up with some hot cocoa!

FROM I’m all cooped up indoors
TO Tis the perfect time to explore nature 🥾

Whether you’re deep in snowy weather or cruising the end of year in a warmer climate, explore the great, big wonderland that is otherwise known as Mother Nature. 

No matter what’s going on in our human world, you can always rely on the outdoors to offer serene moments and beauty. Go ahead and get lost alone! For a festive touch, maybe pack yourself some seasonal trail-mix goods.

FROM No city Christmas tree lighting? What? Why?
TO Time to festi-vate my home 🎄

You’re probably spending most of your time indoors in your digs, so why not go all-out and decorate it to the tee? Of course, you’ll want to do this within reason. 

Hunt for discounts on tinsel, lights, and lawn ornaments. You can also see if anyone is gifting holiday decorations through the Buy Nothing Project, which is a bartering initiative. Whatever you snag, you’ll have the time to make it look rad.

FROM Caroling is cancelled this year
TO Virtual holiday sing-along, please! 🎶

Cozy up at home and host a virtual karaoke sing-along. Use a karaoke applike Smule, Yokee, or The Voice to belt out holiday tunes with your tribe.

Tip: Check out the song libraries ahead of time and create a list of holiday pop favorites. Set a fun dress code for the virtual party: shiny, sparkly, or full-out ugly sweater style.

FROM I don’t have much to spend on prezzies
TO Let’s DIY this, baby 🎁

In these times of YouTube, you don’t have to be Picasso or a bona fide carpenter to make your own presents. Knit a scarf, bust out your paint set, or – heck – cobble together some plywood and build a little shelf!

More ideas? Make your own holiday cards and write something sweet. To wrap gifts, scrounge up some craft paper – or go all out and use the Funnies section.

Seek and count your secret blessings

Instead of stressing out this year, get into the spirit by adding a new twist on old traditions, and doing things your way. Celebrating at home can actually a blessing in disguise, depending on your mindset. So make the most of that gift we call time, and put some positive vibes toward those you love!

Jackie Lam is an L.A.-based financial writer whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and FinTech startups. Her work has appeared in Forbes, Business Insider, and GOOD.

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