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8 Financial Hacks for Gemini Season

Geminis are known as social butterflies. Learn our top financial hacks to tap into the vibrant energy of Gemini season and make the most of your money.

Jackie Lam • May 23, 2022

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Enjoying the blissfully calm and serene last days of Taurus season? Well, all that is about to change. With Gemini season just around the corner, expect a burst of social energy. 

Gemini season kicks off on May 21 and ends on June 20. Let’s look at what makes Geminis tick, go over the Gemini money horoscope, and share a few favorite money tips and tactics this Gemini season.

It's Gemini Season - What's In Store?

Gemini Traits 

You know the chatty aunt who flits from convo to convo at the party? Or the busy-all-the-time pal who has a zillion hobbies and interests? They are a typical Gemini.

Geminis are known as the social butterflies of the Zodiac. Represented by the Twins, these air signs thrive on new connections, chatter, and curiosity.

Geminis are also — you guessed it — dualistic in nature. Adaptable, ever-changing, and flexible, they have oh-so-many sides to them. Sometimes, they don’t even seem like the same person. Geminis can slide into any social scenario and collect friends easily.

Geminis are also witty and have a way with words. But beware: they can be bluntly honest and stir controversy.  

What to Expect This Gemini Season 

Gemini season typically means a hyper-boost in spending time with friends. Your Google Calendar might be booked solid with social events, and you might be inspired to pick up a new hobby. Interpretative dance classes, knitting, or aquascaping, anyone? 

The season is also about getting focused on all things related to the mind. Perhaps by learning a new skill or connecting the dots with seemingly unrelated patterns in your life.

This year, on May 21, we’ll be experiencing a Mercury cazimi. Astrologically speaking, Mercury will be in direct conjunction with the sun. Don’t be scared – it’s actually a good thing! 

A Mercury cazimi is full of luck, opportunity, and wish fulfillment. So if there’s something you’ve been yearning for, May 21 is the day to put your desires out there. 

The start of Gemini season will also hit up against the second Mercury retrograde of the year. This cycle of Mercury retrograde ends June 2. Snags in communication are more likely to pop up.

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Gemini Money Horoscope

If you’re a Gemini, let’s face it: you can be a bit flip-floppy with your money. At times, your dualistic nature can also make you a spendthrift, and you’re bleeding money. Then, you’ll switch to penny-pinching mode. 

It’s not that you don’t care about getting a handle on your finances. It’s just that you’re naturally open-minded, and get excited by new ideas, tools, and tricks. In turn, it can be hard to stick to one system. You might not see any real progress with your money goals because you haven’t stuck with one method. 

Your Money During Gemini Season

For Twins: As you embark on another trip around the sun, take a step back from birthday festivities and social gatherings to look inward. Quiet the natural people-pleaser in you. It’s a-okay to say “no” for some much-needed “you time.” 

Focus on where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Next, look at what money habits keep you from hitting those financial goals. Maybe you need to set healthy boundaries with yourself and those nearest and dearest to you. 

With Mercury in retrograde for the first part of Gemini season, you might want to carve out some solo time to determine if your money values are in step with your actions. Sometimes your goals might seem like they’re at odds with one another. Honor these paradoxes that make up every part of amazing you. 

Plus, be careful not to stir the pot too much by bringing up sensitive money topics with friends and family during Mercury retrograde. Approach sensitive financial convos with kid gloves, even on subjects that seem harmless. 

Financial Hacks for Gemini Season

Here’s how to tap into the vibrant, collaborative, and ever-inquisitive energy of Gemini season to get your money situation in order: 

1. Get your Financial Lit On 

With a greater focus on mental pursuits during Gemini season, it’s time to get your financial literacy on. Carve out some time to go deep on a topic that stumps you — how the stock market works, ways to save for retirement, or the difference between a checking versus a savings account. (We get it, these topics are confusing for just about anyone.) 

2. Start Making Small Investments 

Don’t stop there. As you learn the ins and outs of an aspect of money, take what you learned and put it to good use. Consider getting your feet wet with investing. Before you invest in the stock market:

  • Make sure you have an emergency fund.
  • Understand the risks of investing.
  • Get rid of high-interest debt.
  • Prepare for market volatility. 

Remember: You don’t need a gazillion dollars to invest in the stock market. You can start small and boost the amount along the way. 

Or look into contributing funds into an IRA, which can help lower your taxable income. You can also put money into your employer’s 401(k) fund and scoop up any matching contributions. Get that free money! 

3. Know Your Cash Flow

Your cash flow doesn’t have to be a big question mark. One day you feel like a king, sitting on top of a pile of cash. The next day, a pauper, trying to hustle your friends for a few bucks.

Put on your analytical hat, and get to the bottom of your cash flow issues. Pull up bank and credit card transactions from the last few months. From there, you have a clearer idea of money pits. Too many happy hours with work friends? Or did you get a new gig and go hog-wild with clothes for work?

Besides the one-off expenses, look for patterns. Maybe you tend to blow half your paycheck when you get paid. (This is the Gemini way.) Then, use your newfound knowledge of your spending habits to create a budget. 

4. Budget and Stick to It 

Once you’ve honed in on some patterns, create a budget. A budget shouldn’t make you feel deprived. Instead, it keeps the guardrails on so you can make steady progress on your money goals. Ultimately, it’s a practical way to connect actionable financial habits to chase your dreams.

A budget should include the following: 

  • Basic living expenses (aka fixed costs) 
  • Variable living expenses (aka costs that can change month-to-month)
  • Annual expenses (i.e., car registration fees, holiday shopping, annual memberships) 
  • One-off expenses (i.e., costs to relocate, buying furniture for a home office) 

Fold in your money goals, whether short-term, like a new laptop or a vacation. Or these goals can be long-term, like saving for a down payment for a house or retirement.

Once you’ve figured out your main expenses, consider the guilt-free budget. Pay yourself forward by stashing away a bit in savings, and the rest goes toward your costs. Then you can spend the rest without quibbling over going over budget in a single area. 

5. Create a Separate Fund for Social Gatherings 

As your social calendar will surely be poppin’, set up a separate savings fund for social gatherings, parties, and weekend trips with your tribe. It’ll provide a much-needed cushion for those spendy outings. 

Besides setting aside a reserve for socializing, consider freebie or low-cost options. Express your willingness to spend within reason. But also let your pals know when you’ve hit your limit and would prefer a less-expensive way to hang out, don’t be afraid to toss out some suggestions. 

6. Start a Side Hustle 

There are many ways to make a buck, and your mind is swirling with ideas. Not sure where to start? Ask your friends and family what they think your strengths are. Then, figure out what you are good at and what types of things people might buy from you. 

Plus, there’s the question of how much time, equipment, and money you would want to invest into your side hustle. If it’s more of a moonlighting scenario, where you’re doing it purely to earn an extra buck, then an easy side gig might be best. 

But if you’d like to use your side gig as a stepping stone to a full-time job, then pour a bit more thought, planning, and strategy into your side hustle of choice. Gemini season is all about collective energy, so collaborate with folks whose advice you trust! 

7. Sound Off on Your Money Goals

Gemini season is about self-expression. And while Mercury Retrograde might bring about mixups in communication, consider sharing your financial goals and concerns with others. Chances are, members of your tribe are feeling the same vibes. 

8. Boost Your Credit Score

To figure out how to improve your credit score, think about what bumped it down in the first place. That’s the key to deciphering what steps you need to boost it. For instance, if being late — or missing payments altogether — caused your credit score to dip, then commit to staying on top of your payments. 

When you sign up for a secured credit card, your credit limit typically matches your deposit. For instance, Chime’s Credit Builder offers a smart way to bolster your score. With Credit Builder, there’s no annual fee or interest. Plus, there’s no minimum deposit required.²  

The More You Know

Make the most of the exciting, energy-infused Gemini season by connecting and conspiring with others to help boost your money situation. Plus, being curious about the why behind your financial habits can lead to positive habits that stick. 

Want to know how your astrological sign lines up with your money habits? You can learn more money tips based on your Zodiac sign.  

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