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8 TED Talks About Money You Should Watch Right Now

By Rachel Slifka
June 26, 2019

Finances can be complicated.

Fortunately, there are tons of resources out there to help you understand the world of money From books to classes, and from podcasts to blogs, there are plenty of ways to learn how to manage your finances and save more money.

TED Talks, the infamous videos which feature renowned speakers, are an excellent way to verse yourself on finances. Whether you want to learn about investing, spending less, paying off debt, saving more money, or something else, there’s a TED Talk to fit the bill.

Check out these 8 inspirational TED Talks to help you get a better handle on your finances.

1. How Does the Stock Market Work? – Oliver Elfenbaum

Turn on the news or open a newspaper, and you’re likely to hear about the stock market.

While most people are familiar with the basics of the stock market, not everyone knows how it works. What’s the history of the stock market? How do companies and investors benefit from the stock market?

In his TED Talk, Oliver Elfenbaum explains the history of the stock market (would you believe it started in the late 1600s?), how it works, and how you can benefit. This four-minute TED Talk is jammed-packed with information, so be sure to add it to your list.

2. 3 Psychological Tricks to Help You Save Money – Wendy De La Rosa

“We all know that saving is important and is something that we should be doing,” says Wendy De La Rosa. “And yet, overall, we’re doing less and less of it.”

In her TED Talk, De La Rosa explains that the way you save money has nothing to do with how smart you are or how much willpower you have. She shares her research and gives listeners three easy and practical steps to increase their savings. Whether you’re just starting to save, or you want to increase your savings rate, give this TED Talk a listen.

3. Let’s Get Honest About Our Money Problems – Tammy Lally

After her brother took his own life due to his financial problems, Tammy Lally has made it her mission to remove the shame around money conversations.

She breaks down common barriers that stand in the way of families having honest money discussions. If you are someone who suffers from money-shame, be sure to give this quick TED Talk a listen.

4. Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow – Shlomo Benartzi

Economist Shlomo Benartzi partnered with Richard Thaler from the University of Chicago and created a financial program called Save More Tomorrow. He calls the program an example of “behavioral finance on steroids,” and defines behavior finance as how people manage their money.

Benartzi states that only one third of Americans are contributing to a 401(k) plan, and that the remaining two thirds aren’t saving for retirement at all. Yikes.

Benartzi’s TED Talk Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow addresses the saving dilemma with a simple solution. Be sure to check it out.

5. How to Buy Happiness – Michael Norton

The phrase “money can’t buy happiness,” isn’t new, but is it true? Michael Norton doesn’t think so.

In his TED Talk, Norton shares his extensive research on how money can buy happiness. The secret is to change how you’re spending it. Norton offers up tactical tips to help you spend in ways that will increase your happiness.

Still don’t think money can actually buy happiness? Let Norton convince you otherwise.

6. What Gives a Dollar Bill its Value? – Doug Levinson

Have you ever thought about how the value of money is determined? Chances are, you haven’t considered what gives a dollar bill its value.

In his insightful TED Talk, Doug Levinson walks listeners through the process the United States Federal Reserve uses to determine how much money to circulate. This, in turn, determines the value of money. This TED Talk is brief, but incredibly informative and will help you appreciate your hard-earned cash.

7. Should You Donate Differently? – Joy Sun

Joy Sun, co-founder of the charity GiveDirectly, is a veteran aid worker with a new idea on how to approach giving.

After providing aid to countries abroad for more than 10 years, Sun had a revelation. Instead of donating material supplies, what if you simply gave families cash?

Sun acknowledges that every family is unique, and she has research to prove that giving is more effective when recipients can decide how to spend their gifts. By using a unique idea and technology, GiveDirectly is revolutionizing the way we donate. This talk challenges traditional charitable contribution ideas, and gives listeners a refreshing perspective on the idea of giving.

8. Less Stuff, More Happiness – Graham Hill

Have boxes of random items lying around that you haven’t opened in years? You’re not alone. In his TED Talk, Hill shares that Americans have about three times the amount of storage space than we had 50 years ago.

Hill argues that the habit of overconsumption has led to an excessive amount of credit card debt and huge environmental footprints. He also believes our happiness levels have flat-lined over the last 50 years.

In this TED Talk, you can hear all about Graham’s experience of living with less in a 420 square foot apartment in Manhattan, and how his happiness has increased with less stuff. He shares practical tips to those who are looking to find happiness with less.

Take a Listen

So there you have it! Take a few minutes and broaden your financial knowledge with some of these educational and fun TED Talks. Once you’ve listened, you’ll be inspired to increase your savings, find happiness with less, and improve your financial future.

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