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Chime provides business consulting services for organizations of all sizes, ranging from business model development in the digital world to tools programming, event-based production, and web site analysis.

Chime's specialty is bridging the gap between art and technology, ability to grok and clearly communicate art to technology minds and technology to artists. Underlying all of Chime's work is a drive to see the Internet effectively applied as a tool to bring people together and share ideas, art and experience.

Below is a sampling of common consulting services that Chime provides:

Business Model Development In A Digital World
Chime has been involved in the Internet since 1986 and been behind the creation of a number of online businesses which opened up new markets. Let us help you understand the online environment from a first-person in-the-trenches perspective. We've seen what works and what doesn't online and have strong opinions about it!
Digital Strategist
Chime plays this role most frequently with artists (especially musicians) to help them navigate and take advantage of the numerous online opportunities. Chime implements online grass-roots marketing programs, builds (and maintains) online communities and negotiates relationships with technology companies including Apple, Microsoft, Real Networks and many others. Let us add structure and value to your Internet activities and free you to focus on your core business.
Web Site Analysis
It's not uncommon to launch an online presence and then find a year later that you've lost connection with the reasons you went online. A Chime web site analysis takes a fresh look at your current site and evaluates what works and what doesn't, plus makes recommendations on new possibilities that may have been overlooked or previously weren't possible. Chime places the focus on the target audience (music fans, corporate clients, existing customers, new customers, etc) and evaluates everything from their perspective, including: user interface, color palette, back-end technology, community tools, and E-commerce. An independent web site analysis provides you the facts necessary to make educated decisions.
Web Site Technology
One of Chime's specialities is architecting and programming complex web site back-end technology solutions. We understand what is possible and have the experience to produce dynamic database-driven content quickly and affordably. More importantly, we can explain it all in terms that make sense.

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