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Chime President Jon Luini has been involved in webcasting since its inception and was behind many of the firsts in the industry, pushing the envelope before webcasting became standard practice.

Jon has been through it all; as co-founder of the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) he toyed with the new technology, using the MBone to stream the first live concert (the band Deth Specula from the Santa Cruz Operations Developer's Forum on Aug 23, 1994); as co-founder of MediaCast (the first Internet broadcast company) he streamed the first webcast from Burning Man in 1996 (featuring the most remote webcast at the time, nearly 20 miles in the middle of the desert), co-produced the 23-band webcast of the Eden Music Festival 1996 in Canada (the first multi-day webcast) and handled webcasts for corporate clients including Sun, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Disney; and as an independent consultant streamed one of the first live-from-the set webcasts from a major motion picture (Lethal Weapon 3), set up the 24x7 studio webcast of the band Live's recording of their 1998 album and was brought in as a consultant for Wimbledon 1999's online coverage.

Jon (along with his FezGuys writing partner, Allen Whitman) also published the comprehensive streaming audio book, "Streaming Audio: The FezGuys' Guide", and has also been featured as a speaker and moderator at industry events including Internet World, Mac World, Canada Music Week, North By Northwest, NARAS Music & Multimedia and Streaming Media West.

If you are looking to produce a live webcast, Chime can help you out playing a number of roles:

  • Consultant - help you understand the choices available, the common pitfalls to avoid and make the right decisions on media platform(s), streaming media providers, and advise the event producer.
  • Producer - handle all aspects of creating a dynamic realtime (or on-demand) event, incorporate tools for viewer interaction, put together a crack production crew (audio, video, encoding, HTML, design, back-end technology)
  • Technology - provide custom and packaged tools such as real-time chat, integrated into your event

Jon also co-founded the Bay Area streaming media users group, BASMO (Bay Area Streaming Media Organization - and is always seeking new members to join.

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