5 Mompreneur Ideas for 2020

By Melissa Brock
October 7, 2019

You know the old adage, “If you want to get something done, have a mom do it.” Well, maybe that’s not an old adage, but it should be. After all, who else can whip up a three-course dinner for the in-laws, tie your toddler’s shoelaces and help your six-year-old with her homework — all at once? 

Uh… you, of course!

That’s why 2020 is your year. At the very least, 2020 is a nice round number that just seems right — it’s the year you should gather all the ideas that are like rocks that have been rattling around in your head for the past few years. Here are five mompreneur ideas to launch your 2020. 

Mompreneur Idea #1: Tie in a money-making meal deal with your two-year-old’s lunch.

Face it, it’s next to impossible to try to manage a two-year-old’s lunch of bananas (cut up just so), cold macaroni and iced animal cookies (it’s all your kid will agree to eat) and shovel something down the hatch that’s healthy for yourself. 

Take meal prep to a superstar level and make healthy Mason jar salad meals for moms (and anyone else) who can’t seem to find time to make lunch for themselves. So, while your kiddo happily munches away or naps blissfully all afternoon, you can be making and storing these delicious creations, and they’ll keep for a few days. You can even explore the idea of using an industrial-sized kitchen.

It’s easy to prep, plop and get them done — and sell for $10 a pop. I like Meal Prep Greek Chickpea Salad a lot. 

Mompreneur Idea #2: Help those mom bods get into shape.

What’s something else that’s next to impossible when you’re a mom? Right — getting to the gym, so be the inspiration for other moms. Think beyond the tired staples of yoga with baby, pilates with tots or workouts with a babysitter in tow. You can ditch the same tried-and-true methods — remember when spinning became all the rage? It’s up to you to engineer a unique way to get moms in the same space and get all of you in shape. 

And remember, don’t get stuck thinking that the kids have to be a part of it, because they don’t. Plenty of gyms are fully stocked with a daycare. 

Mompreneur Idea #3: Use your kid-friendly talents.

What is it that your area daycares and preschools don’t have? Arts and crafts with a zany twist? A jungle gym and yoga mats? Music time? Someone to take school pictures? Take your talents on the road and provide those services to kids at daycares and preschools all over your city. There’s always something that’s needed. 

What about something for older kids? Is there something missing at soccer or flag football practice? Does it involve a major technological breakthrough or something else that could light your entrepreneurial fire? At the risk of being too prescriptive with this one, it’s time for you to you suss it out — let your kids be the inspiration. Figure out what that missing piece of the puzzle is and go for it.  

Mompreneur Idea #4: Make 3D toys for kids.

You’re in the thick of life with kids, so why not take the ideas that kids give you — particularly toy-related ideas? You can make just about anything with a 3D printer. Never even given 3D printing a second thought before? Well, a 3D printer creates objects by laying down incredibly thin successive layers of material, one by one, until a 3D item forms. You can create toys with just a model and a bit of material. 

Think it sounds like you’ll need a lot of capital to get started, industrial printer and all? Not so. They used to cost about $100,000 each, but tech has advanced so much that you can get started at a fraction of the cost of original models. Check out All3DP for inspiration. 

Mompreneur Idea #5: Create a workspace and child care combo.

Moms need… Lots and lots of caffeine… Yes. But besides that, what else? Support. Lots and lots of support from other moms. Why not gather fellow mompreneurs, graphic designers, freelance writers, you name them and they will come — for a place to create, collaborate and work anywhere — with child care right next door? 

Just think of what this could become: A co-working space with like-minded moms, but where you can care for your baby when you need to — your business could be a dream come true for so many moms. And because you’re one of them, you’ll be able to check on your six-month-old right after you launch your next brilliant startup.    

Use your mom qualities to your advantage

Your mom skills make you a superpower. You’re not just an entrepreneur — you’re a mompreneur. You have multi-tasking down to a science. You can react to just about anything quickly (remember how fast you moved when your two-year-old stood poised to pour a gallon of milk into his potty chair?)  

This might even be the most powerful tool in your arsenal: You get motivation and inspiration from your kiddos — so take one of these ideas and run with it. Better yet, maybe you can put your own twist on one of these ideas or create your own. 

No matter what, you’ve got it in you to make 2020 the year you take those rocks-for-ideas and put ‘em through the rock polisher.



Melissa Brock, the founder of College Money Tips and Money editor at Benzinga, spent 12 years working in college admission. She loves helping families navigate their finances and the college search process.

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