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10 Remote Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents

Janet Berry-Johnson • June 6, 2024

A stay-at-home-father celebrates with his daughter after finding a new job.

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For working parents, a job that accommodates the demands of family life can seem hard to find. Fortunately, remote work offers stay-at-home parents a way to juggle professional aspirations and family commitments.

Have you ever wondered what kind of jobs are available for stay-at-home parents? These job opportunities can will fit seamlessly into your busy household and transform your work-life balance.

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What to look for in jobs for stay-at-home parents

Not every remote job is the right fit for a stay-at-home parent. Here’s what to prioritize on your job hunt:

  1. Flexibility. Some remote jobs require specific hours and need you to be “active” or available at a moment’s notice during those hours. As a stay-at-home parent, you need a job that allows you to adjust your schedule to accommodate the nature of family life. Flexibility makes managing school closures, doctor’s appointments, and school pickups easier.
  2. Stability. Your ideal stay-at-home job should offer a reliable income so you can budget effectively. A job with a predictable workload and dependable pay structure helps reduce the stress of financial uncertainty.
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10 best jobs for stay-at-home parents

Navigating the job market as a stay-at-home parent can be intimidating. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of work-from-home jobs catering to various skills and interests.

1. Marketing specialist

Marketing specialists develop and implement marketing strategies, manage social media accounts, create content, and analyze marketing data. These jobs usually require a degree or experience in marketing, strong communication skills, and familiarity with social media schedulers, search engine optimization (SEO), and graphic design tools.

The median salary for a marketing specialist in the U.S. is $78,793 per year.¹

How to get the job: Build a portfolio showcasing your work. Then search job boards for remote marketing positions and network within the industry.

2. Personal assistant

Personal assistants manage schedules, book appointments, handle emails, and perform administrative tasks for busy professionals and high-net-worth people. To succeed, you must be organized and have strong communication skills.

The average base pay for a PA in America is $71,029 per year.²

How to get the job: Apply through job boards or reach out to professionals you know who might need the help of a virtual assistant.

3. Blogger

Bloggers are freelance writers who make money by publishing sponsored blog posts, encouraging readers to use their affiliate links, and selling ad space on their websites. You’ll need strong writing skills, knowledge of SEO, and proficiency with blogging platforms.

The average blogger in the U.S. makes anywhere from $42,041 to $54,731.³

How to get the job: Start your blog, guest post on established blogs, and monetize your content through ads and sponsored posts.

Find out more ways to make money online.

4. Tutor

Tutors help students improve their grasp of various subjects, from math and writing to foreign languages and preparing exams. The job involves preparing lesson plans and assessing student progress. Tutors need expertise in the subject matter, patience, and good communication skills. Teaching experience or certifications can help land you more gigs.

The median salary for a private tutor in the United States is $58,057 per year.

How to get the job: Register with online tutoring platforms and advertise through local schools and community boards.

5. Data entry

Data entry jobs involve entering data into computer systems, verifying the accuracy of the information, and maintaining databases. You generally don’t need any formal education, but attention to detail and typing skills are helpful.

The average base pay for data entry workers is $33,111 annually.

How to get the job: Look for remote data entry jobs on job boards, join freelance platforms, and contact companies that may need these services.

6. Proofreader

Proofreaders review written content for errors and suggest revisions to grammar and punctuation. To be successful, you need a strong command of the English language and attention to detail.

The median salary for a proofreader is $58,148 per year.

How to get the job: Apply to proofreading positions on job boards, offer your services on freelance platforms, and network with writers and publishers.

7. Translator

If you’re fluent in foreign languages, a translator role puts your knowledge to work translating written or spoken content from one language to another, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance. You’ll need fluency in at least two languages, strong writing skills, and cultural knowledge.

The typical salary range for translators is $54,846 to $74,279.

How to get the job: Register with translation agencies and market your skills to businesses and individuals.

8. Travel consultant

Travel consultants plan travel itineraries, book accommodations and transportation, and provide travel tips. These jobs require knowledge of travel destinations, excellent organizational skills, and strong customer service skills.

The typical salary range for a travel consultant in the U.S. is $60,313 to $75,813.

How to get the job: Apply for work with travel agencies or start your own travel consulting business and promote your services online.

9. Search engine evaluator

Search engine evaluators assess search engine results based on relevance and quality and provide feedback to improve algorithms and user experience. You generally don’t need specialized skills or experience, just access to high-speed internet and the ability to follow directions.

The average base pay for a search engine evaluator is $34,279.

How to get the job: Apply through companies that offer these services or search for roles on online job boards.

10. Web designer

Web designers create and maintain websites, design layouts, and ensure websites are user-friendly. To land a job in the industry, you must be familiar with web design tools and have strong design skills.

The average salary range for a web designer is $91,803 to $111,204.¹⁰

How to get the job: Build a portfolio showcasing your work by designing websites for friends and family members. Then, apply to in-house web design positions or offer your services to businesses on a freelance basis.

Job search strategies for stay-at-home moms and dads

Balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with the demands of a job search can be tricky. But with the right strategy, you can streamline your job search process and increase your chances of landing the perfect remote role.

  • Update your resume and cover letter. Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your most relevant skills and experiences. Make sure they’re polished and your resume details the specific impact you made, not just your job duties.
  • Set aside time for job searching in your schedule. Spend specific time each week solely on job-searching activities.
  • Craft a compelling elevator pitch. Develop a brief, impactful summary of your skills and experiences. Use it during networking opportunities or interviews to make a strong impression.
  • Update your social media profiles. Potential employers often check candidates’ social media presence. Update your profiles to reflect your current skills and experiences.
  • Network to expand your professional contacts. Connect with other professionals in your industry online or at local networking events. Building a solid network can open doors to job opportunities you might not find on job boards.

Wrapping up your job search

Finding a remote job that fits seamlessly into your family life can be a game-changer. Make sure you identify and go after flexible, stable, and supportive remote jobs for parents.

In addition to work-from-home jobs, look into diversifying how you make money with passive income ideas.

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