Money Horoscope: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Financial Habits

By Rebecca Lake

Perhaps you’ve read your daily horoscope hoping to gain insight about your career or personal relationships. But did you know that your zodiac sign can also teach you a lot about money?

Believe it or not, your astrological sign can help you learn a lot about your financial strengths and weaknesses. And this can be helpful if you want to make positives shifts with your money, like save automatically or tackle your debt.

Read on to learn the best and worst traits of each zodiac sign. Plus, get a glimpse into your own personal money horoscope.


If you were born under the sign of Aries, you have a natural hunter/gather mentality. When it comes to money, this makes you exceptionally well-suited to seeking out deals and bargains. There’s a flip side, however. Your efforts to be thrifty can be detrimental financially if they lead you to overspend just to score perceived savings.

At the same time, you can also approach your savings goals with the same zest and zeal as your desire to bargain hunt. For starters, try redirecting your impulsive tendencies by shopping wisely. For example, you can take advantage of money-saving apps, clip digital or paper coupons, and impose a 24-hour waiting period before making any large purchases. These are just some of the ways to put your thrifty skills to use in a financially healthy way.


What does your zodiac sign say about you if you’re Taurus? In a nutshell, you really like to treat yo’ self. But not just any old thing will do. Tauruses lean towards luxury and like to spend money on high-quality items that hold their value. The positive side of the coin is that even though you like to spend, you’re also great at making savings a priority because you understand the need to have a financial cushion to maintain your lifestyle.

The downside? You can be as stubborn as a bull, which can make it harder to commit to making money changes. If you recognize these zodiac sign traits as your own, here’s a mantra you may want to keep in mind: Just because buying something gives you a rush, this doesn’t make it a need. Rather than putting yourself at risk of overspending or buying things needlessly, use your natural persistence in your favor. If you’re going to spend, make getting the best deal your number one priority.


Geminis are curious and adventurous by nature. If you’re a Gemini, you probably get a buzz from spending your money on new experiences and unfamiliar things versus just buying “stuff”. Your intellectual side likely shows through when it’s time to make a purchase. For example, you may spend hours researching prices or product features before you buy. And you know how to buckle down and save.

The money trap you need to avoid, however, is spending just because you’re bored. A good way to counter this is by channeling your restless energy into productive hobbies so you’re not spending simply because you have nothing else to do.

The next time you have a free hour to kill, for example, sit down and map out a short-term savings plan for your next vacation or travel adventure. Having a plan to follow can also counter another negative zodiac trait Geminis share: a lack of consistency.


Being a Cancer generally means you’re a homebody who prefers being in comfortable surroundings. While your friends may splurge on dinners out or new clothes, you might savor a shopping trip to Target to buy sheets or comfy pillows. The faithful and generous sides of your personality can also lead you to help out your friends financially when they’re stretched thin.

The trouble with this is that you may not be keeping your eyes on your own finances. One way to counter this is to surround yourself with people who are financially stable and don’t need the occasional money bailout. If you don’t want to cut ties with your squad, the next best thing is drawing some firm boundaries.

Let your friends know that you’re not an ATM and that you have your own money goals you’re working towards. And, as you spend money on feathering your nest or meeting other needs, ask yourself if there’s a less expensive way to do it. Both of these tips can help you keep more of your money in your wallet.


Leos are extremely big-hearted and kind, especially when it comes to showing their generosity to their friends. The downside is that they spend to impress. This can make it easier for Leos to end up in credit card debt if they can’t curb their spending. The silver lining is that Leos are also analytical and skilled at taking in the bigger picture.

If you’re a Leo, you can put these traits to work by coming up with a plan for paying off debt. For example, you might choose the debt snowball method to make a dent in your balance. Or you might decide to consolidate debt with a low interest loan or credit card. You can apply these same critical thinking skills to improving your credit score. For example, if you know that late payments can hurt your score, you can set up automatic bill payments through your online bank account.


Virgos have a pretty solid head on their shoulders. They’re practical, analytical, meticulous and intelligent. They’re also organized, diligent and hard workers, with a penchant towards charitable giving. To the typical Virgo, needless or unnecessary spending doesn’t make sense.

This all sounds good except that your one money flaw may be a reluctance to spend on yourself. What your zodiac sign says about you is that you may need to loosen the reins a little with your money. If you can’t justify spending on things you don’t need, consider investing it instead. Investing in a retirement account, a taxable brokerage account or a savings account can make you feel better about letting your hair down financially every once in a while.


Libras tend to have a desire to please and they have a hard time saying no. This extends to saying no to purchases they don’t really need. The good news is that despite a desire to spend impulsively, Libras are the least likely zodiac sign to use credit. They’re also highly creative, a trait that can come in handy for saving and making smart decisions with money.

For instance, rather than buying something new, you may look for ways to repurpose things you already have. Or, instead of splurging on luxury items, you can bargain hunt or shop second-hand to find the same items for less. These kinds of creative moves can help you grow your savings.


Scorpios tend to be passionate and focused, with a need to control situations and things. Being born a Scorpio can give you an edge with money management, since you may be more inclined to save than spend. You like being a step ahead with your finances and may have a solid emergency fund in place. Unexpected expenses are less likely to throw you off-course.

Your money horoscope is probably pretty good already, but there are still ways you can improve it. For example, you can review your budget and look for room to carve out additional savings for emergencies. This way you’ll feel fully in control if a large (or small) unexpected expense pops up.


Being a Sagittarius usually means you’re brave, confident and ready to take on any challenges life throws your way. You’re optimistic and always look on the bright side and it seems that the planets regularly align to bring you good luck. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are more interested in spending on experiences, rather than things.

While you may not be extravagant in your spending, you also tend to buy first and ask questions later. You can rein in that tendency by considering the return on investment before making a purchase. For example, ask yourself if a particular purchase is worth the price. Putting purchases in perspective can help you decide which ones are worthy of your time and money.


Capricorns get high marks for being financially responsible. They’re wise, patient and disciplined. And, this pays off. As a Capricorn, you’re not into trends and you value quality in the things you buy.

The downside? You may be forgetful when it comes to smaller purchases, like getting your oil changed. Taking a broader view of your finances – that includes both needs and wants – can help you be more holistic in your approach. And, knowing where you need to put your money can also help you cut down on spur of the moment spending.


Aquarius’ are practical and they like being financially independent. They’re okay with spending on group activities and they don’t lose sight of what’s going on with their money. They can, however, get taken advantage of when divvying up costs with friends.

If this sounds like you, then you need to get comfortable splitting bills with friends. Using a payment app to split group expenses can make it easier to keep track of this. And if you spend a lot of time (and money) hanging out with friends, consider looking for lower-cost or free activities to do together to save some cash.


Those with the Pisces sign tend to be generous and don’t get hung up on material possessions. This means that if you’re a Pisces, you’re probably good at keeping your spending under control.

So, if you have extra money on hand regularly, put it to work in a positive way. Use it to grow your emergency savings for those rainy days when cash may be less abundant. Also, consider how you can use it to invest and build wealth for the long-term or pay off your debts.

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About You?

Did you learn anything new about your zodiac sign and what it means for your money? Understanding your sign can reveal some surprising insights about what drives your financial choices. Now that you know what your best (and worst) money traits are, use this to your advantage to improve your financial situation going forward.

Rebecca Lake has been writing about personal finance and business for nearly a decade. Her work has been featured on, Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and other personal finance sites.

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