The Chime Weekly Roundup: Holiday Edition

By David Hathaway
December 16, 2016

Welcome to the Chime Weekly Roundup! Each week we bring you a roundup of the best money tips, tricks and hacks that will help you, and your friends, lead healthier financial lives.

It’s a busy time of the year. We are all hustling to buy gifts, book last minute travel, and attend holiday parties, all while trying to keep our budgets in check. It can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. So, take a deep breath and check out this week’s roundup of holiday travel hacks that will help you go further on less while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

1. What to say to your friend who can’t figure out what to give this year…

Give the gift of travel! Experiences are all-around the best kind of gifts to give. Giving someone an experience provides them with the opportunity to learn more about themselves, and the world around them. Remember, it doesn’t need to be some exotic vacation across the sea, local museums and food festivals work just as well.

2. What to say to your friend hasn’t booked their flight home for the holidays…

Have you explored all the options? If you want to get home for the holidays without breaking the bank, and staying put due to fearful financial factors, these tried and true travel hacks are sure to help.

3. What to say to your coworker who always gets everyone the lame office gift…

Did you just wrap office supplies again? Some of the best gifts are practical with a twist, like a wordy office mug or quirky sticky notepad. These gifts have the benefit of being affordable, practical, and charming. Don’t be the person who gives an eraser or sticker pack, dazzle your coworkers with creative simplicity.

4. What to say to your friend who’s putting off open enrollment because “it’s complicated”…

There are resources that can help! Don’t just wing-it, follow advice from those who know what they are doing so you reduce the risk of missing out and losing money, on employee benefits. The process will go smoother and seem less complicated if you spend more time in the beginning on the initial prep work of gathering everything you need to complete your benefits enrollment. If you run into problems you can always utilize free online tools to help you estimate insurance costs and employer coverage, or as said earlier, ask an expert.    

5. What to say to your friend who always runs out of money around the holidays…

Develop a spending plan. You can always find a way to participate in the holiday giving if you get a little creative. Set yourself a budget, or take part in a small gift-giving event like Secret Santa or White Elephant. Try giving something sentimental and handmade, while cheap these gifts always pack that, “it’s the thought that counts” punch. Whether it’s helping a friend clean out their garage or regifting something you never use, there is always a creative way for you to get involved in the holiday cheer.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s weekly roundup, and of course your weekly roundup bonus from being enrolled in our Automatic Savings program! 

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