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9 Ways to Get Paid Instantly (For Real)

Jamie Cattanach • October 11, 2023

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Sitting in your pajamas with your favorite hot beverage close at hand, racking up extra cash just by clicking around on your computer? Yes, this can be your reality – and in some cases, you may even be able to get paid the same day you do the work.

Don’t get us wrong: these are not get-rich-quick schemes; in most cases, you’ll likely need to keep your day job. But if you’re looking for ways to get paid instantly, they do exist. Let’s take a closer look.

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5 jobs that pay the same day

Sometimes, speed is what matters. When it comes to these ways to get paid instantly, you might not make much money, but you can make it with relatively low effort – and, yes, get paid today.

Here are some free online jobs that allow you to work from home and get paid daily:

1. Take online surveys

Online surveys allow you to make extra money by offering your honest opinion and experience. Surveys span various topics, so there’s an interesting option for everyone. Some surveys take as little as five minutes to complete.

Companies often use survey data for market research, so you may answer questions about specific goods and products. Generally, you’ll earn points for each survey you take, which are worth a small monetary value, and you’ll need to earn up to a certain threshold to withdraw.

You may be paid in cash or by gift card to a major retailer. Again, it won’t replace your regular job, but surveys are a convenient option if you have nothing else to do and want to earn money online. Here are some paid survey sites to check out:

  • Survey Junkie is a well-known survey site that allows you to take surveys for points. You can also share your online activity with its Pulse program to earn points passively. Each point equals about one cent of value, and once you earn 500 points ($5), you can cash out. Survey Junkie estimates that those taking three surveys daily could earn as much as $40 a month on the site.
  • Branded Surveys is another survey option to consider. Like Survey Junkie, you can cash out using PayPal, your U.S. bank account, or a gift card once you reach 500 points ($5).
  • Pinecone Research matches you with surveys to take based on a profile you create. While surveys pay at a higher rate than some other sites – $3 per survey, according to some sources – fewer are available to each taker, so you may only take three or four surveys per month.1
  • Opinion Outpost is another option offering users cash rewards for participating in market research surveys. The amount you’re rewarded depends on the survey. Opinion Outpost offers an average of 10 points per survey, but some are worth up to 250. You can choose from many different gift cards for payment or set up a PayPal transfer.

2. Make a video of your opinion

Don’t want to take surveys but willing to make a short video of your opinion in response to someone else’s?

Mindswarms allows you to earn up to $50 per 10 questions answered on video, all while helping shape the future of brands, products, and services you know and love.

3. Get cash back and rebates

Want to get paid for buying things you already planned to purchase? It’s possible using these platforms:

  • Ibotta is a rebate program that offers cash back for purchases ranging from home goods to groceries and everything in between. You can download the app onto your phone or add the extension to your browser to see which items have rebates available. Once you buy them, snap a quick picture of your receipt to score your rebate. The app can also alert you to real-time nearby cash back opportunities.
  • Upside, formerly GetUpside, offers cash back on groceries and restaurants, as well as gas. You could earn up to a quarter back per gallon of gas you purchase, and you can cash out once you reach $10.
  • Ratuken is a helpful way to get cash back for online shopping at retailers like Target, Kohl’s, Ulta Beauty, and many more. Simply download its browser extension or app or shop through the site’s portal to earn cash back on purchases. Your earnings are paid out via PayPal or physical check.

4. Be human

Yes, AI is responsible for more and more tasks, but some things are best done by humans. You can get paid for research, data validation, content moderation, and more by signing up for Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Amazon MTurk. These human intelligence tasks (HITs) are paid once the requester approves your work.

5. Play online games

Yes, really. Swagbucks, which combines several earning opportunities outlined above (like surveys and rebates), also offers users points for playing games online.

Game developers eager for new players partner with Swagbucks and come up with rewards based on play behavior – for example, you might earn a dollar for installing a new gaming app, or $50 for playing up to a certain level within a certain time frame.2

Games include everything from Wheel of Fortune to Yahtzee, and plenty of games you haven’t discovered yet.3

You just might find your new favorite – especially since they pay!

4 jobs that pay weekly

More lucrative work-from-home options exist if you can wait a little longer to get paid — say, every week instead of every day. In fact, some of these side hustles could replace your “real” job if you choose.

1. Manage social media accounts

Already spend so much time on Instagram that you’re basically a pro? If you have expert skills like increasing reach and finding faithful followers, businesses will pay you to help them manage their social media channels. How much? Full-time social media managers can make up to $75,000 per year.4

Of course, a proven track record helps convince brands you’re worth the money, so this option may be more accessible if you’ve already got influencer status or a degree in digital media or marketing.

2. Become a freelance writer or proofreader

Spend every spare moment with your nose stuck in a book or a notebook? Have an eagle eye for every grammatical error?

If you’ve got a way with words, you may be able to translate that into a side gig – or even make a living. Depending on the subject matter you work with and your clientele, freelance writing or proofreading can be a lucrative, or at least feasible, profession: the average salary is around $56,000 per year.5 The hardest part is getting your first byline, but fortunately, there are self-publishing tools available that can help ensure you have a clip or two for your future editors’ consideration.

3. Work as a virtual assistant

If organization and communication are your superpowers, you’re in luck. For some people, the chaos of life is difficult to manage. As a virtual assistant, you might help a busy professional with organizational tasks like scheduling, invoicing, and connecting with clients via phone or email.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what your job might entail, but under the right circumstances, you might earn as much as $100 per hour.6

4. Help businesses keep their books

If you’re happy looking at numbers all day, you can make a living without going to school to become an accountant. Bookkeeping is a valuable service that’s more about organization than math skills, so you don’t need a business degree or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification to get into it. However, you need to know your way around popular bookkeeping software like Quickbooks. Well-paid freelance bookkeepers can make over $60,000 annually.7

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Don't wait to get paid

Whether you’re dealing with a financial emergency or just looking for some extra cash to pay for some splurge items, there are many ways to make money online at home — and several that allow you to get paid instantly.

Are you looking for even more ideas? Check out these side hustle ideas that can help you increase your monthly earnings in your spare time.

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