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13 Financial Podcasts We Love

By Melanie Lockert
November 7, 2019

We are living in the Golden Era of podcasts. 

There are podcasts on nearly every single topic that might interest you. Perhaps the best thing about podcasts: You can listen while you’re on your way to work, cleaning the house or making dinner. 

If you want to master your money, then financial podcasts should be your jam. There are tons of podcasts offering financial tips and tricks, personal stories and advice to help you manage your money. 

Here are 13 financial podcasts we love. 

1. Planet Money: Financial wisdom through storytelling

Planet Money is a podcast that is produced by NPR and runs about 20 minutes long per episode. If you want the breakdown of what’s going on in the economy and money, you can get it here. You can learn things like where a dollar comes from and why interest rates are tanking and what it means for you. There are 300 episodes, so it’s binge-worthy if you can get into it.  

2. Afford Anything: A money podcast about purpose-driven projects

Money blogger and podcast host Paula Pant runs the Afford Anything podcast. The show heavily focuses on financial independence, a concept that refers to living off of your investments and not having to work anymore. 

You can learn how to build wealth, hear stories from people who have achieved financial independence, and get some of your burning financial questions answered. Pant has high quality guests and focuses on helping you build a better life by getting your finances in order

3. Talking Green: Putting the ‘personal’ in personal finance

The Talking Green podcast is produced by TD Ameritrade along with The New York Times’ T Brand Studio. This financial podcast is hosted by Mike Norton from the Harvard Business School as well as the journalist and economist Allison Schrager.

There are only six episodes to dive into, each of which are about 30 minutes long. The episodes explore relationships with money, financial stress and what influences our behavior. 

4. The Journal: A podcast about money, business and power

If you’re a fan of The Wall Street Journal, you should check out its financial podcast, the Journal. The Journal focuses on money, power and business and is hosted by Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson.

Each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes long, and you can get your fix and dive into various insights and stories around business and money. 

5. The Indicator: Planet Money, but bite-sized

The Indicator is another podcast produced by NPR and brought to you by Planet Money. The show is basically the bite-sized version of Planet Money, but with episodes around 10 minutes. You can get an up close and personal look on what’s going on in business and the economy. The show is described as “A little show about big ideas.”

6. SmartMoney Podcast: A real-world approach for the average human

Financial website NerdWallet produces the SmartMoney podcast, where real-life personal finance questions get answered. The shows are easily digestible and around 15 minutes per episode. 

The hosts of the show are Dayana Yochim and Sean Pyle. On the show, you can learn about things like refinancing your student loans or how your credit score can save you money. 

7. Martinis and Your Money: Fun money advice over drinks

If you want your money advice served with a nice martini, listen to Martinis and Your Money with host Shannon McLay. McLay is the founder of the Financial Gym in New York City and has real-life stories about people getting “financially naked.” She hosts many guests who share their financial journeys and offer advice. 

Full disclosure: I’m on the happy hour episode which airs at the end of the month with Tonya from Budget and The Beach, and Mrs. Frugalwoods from The Frugalwoods. You can hear all of our opinions on a variety of financial topics. 

8. So Money: Inspiring stories to get you motivated 

Financial expert Farnoosh Torabi hosts the So Money podcast. In her show, she interviews a variety of experts on finance, business and more. Each episode is around 30 to 40 minutes long, providing a ton of value. You can learn about her guests’ financial journeys and their successes and failures when it comes to managing money. 

Aside from her interesting interviews, she also has “Ask Farnoosh” episodes where she answers burning financial questions such as: What’s the best way to start investing? You can also get your own question answered by submitting it at 

9. Stacking Benjamins: Financial literacy and content with a sense of humor 

One of the classic personal finance podcasts out there is Stacking Benjamins. This personal finance podcast has been around since 2012 – before everyone and their mom had a podcast. Each episode runs about an hour long and is hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy and OG. 

The podcast has won Best Finance Podcast by the Plutus Awards twice. The show dives into various topics from building wealth to career advice. Stacking Benjamins has a signature style and wit that makes it a fun listen. 

10: Fairer Cents: Money from a feminist perspective 

Kara Perez and Tanja Hester are the women behind the Fairer Cents podcast, which covers many different financial issues from a feminist perspective. The show discusses topics like emotional labor, being an ally, finances for single women, financial feminism and more. 

Each episode is around forty minutes to an hour long and is chock-full of great conversation and advice. 

11. Financial Grownup: A quick dose of financial advice 

Bobbi Rebell, a certified financial professional, hosts the Financial Grownup podcast. This is one of the best finance podcasts if you want quick and actionable advice. Each show is around 15 to 20 minutes and shares what you need to know to become a financial grownup. 

Bobbi interviews various guests to get to the heart of financial issues like building wealth, investing, financial mistakes and more. The show is great for listeners who have a short amount of time but want tips to get started on their financial path. 

12. Popcorn Finance: Financial tips in short form 

Chris Browning is the host of Popcorn Finance, a show that offers financial advice in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn. At five to 10 minutes per episode, the show quickly uncovers various financial topics and tips. 

The show discusses things like saving, debt, and online bank accounts. It also answers important questions about power of attorney, debt consolidation and more. If you want quick answers and advice, Chris Browning offers just that with Popcorn Finance. 

13. His and Her Money podcast: Personal finance podcast for couples 

The His and Her Money podcast is hosted by married couple Talaat and Tai Mcneely. The couple dives into issues like paying off debt, budgeting, saving money and more through the lens of faith and family. Most episodes are around 45 minutes and offer hacks to help you get your finances in order. 

The show shares the building blocks of paying off debt and becoming wealthy, and how to do this within the context of your marriage. 

Start listening now 

In today’s day and age, there are no shortage of podcasts to listen to and choose from. But if you’re interested in personal finance, you can get started with this list. These 13 best finance podcasts offer actionable advice from a variety of perspectives. 

Are you ready to start listening to financial advice and improve your own money sitch?

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