A Guide on How to Protect Yourself From Online Scams

By Gisele Goes

At Chime, we take member information very seriously, working diligently to provide a safe mobile banking experience. We’ve noticed a rise in online scammers seeking to take advantage of our members. Here’s what you can do to prevent these scams from happening to you. 

Scams to be aware of

There are a variety of scams that we’ve been seeing, claiming to use the Chime name. These scams range from: 

Cash/Money flipping: 

Primarily found on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), scammers use hashtags like #cashflip, #moneyflip, #cashout, #fastcash and more to entice members into thinking they will receive funds.

Account hacks 

Also found on social media channels, these scammers will direct message (DM) you, claiming that they can adjust funds in your account. Never give your login information and password to anyone. (We’ll never ask this!) 

Fake Chime HQ websites 

Scammers will create unofficial “Chime HQ” websites, luring members to give their login information and other personal information.

Additional types of scams continue to pop up. They are not limited to this list above, so we encourage members to constantly be aware of false Chime communications, and alerting us and others within the Chime community of accounts and pages that are misleading.  

Red flags that may signal a scam

We’ve also noticed a few trends associated with typical scammer accounts. These trends include: 

  • Using the term “free money”
  • Images of large amounts of cash
  • Unofficial Chime accounts that use our images
  • Chime “Ambassadors/Reps”

Long story short, if it sounds or looks too good to be true, it probably is. Also, being verified goes a long way. All of our official Chime social media channels are verified, and will never ask you for any personal information. 

How to tell you’re speaking to legit Chime employees 

If an account claiming affiliation with Chime has initially reached out to you first, it’s important to check and make sure that you are speaking to a legitimate Chime account. 

If you are receiving messages via social media, all of our official Chime social media accounts are verified; we do not contact members outside of these verified channels on social media. We also do not initiate contact with our members via direct message unless we are contacting them about winning a sweepstakes or promotion. Additionally, we do not have Chime ambassadors or Chime representatives – individuals that claim that they are speaking on our behalf. 

If you are receiving messages via email, double-check the email address to make sure that it is coming from a supported chime email (@chimebank.com or @chime.com) Additionally, we will never: 

  • Ask for your entire social security number (only the last 4) 
  • Ask for your personal information
  • Ask for your login information and/or password

What is Chime doing about this? 

Although we are working on shutting down these scam accounts as quickly as possible, we continue to see accounts pop up. We encourage our members to chime in and let us know about these scammers. You can do so via email at (support@chime.com), or direct message us through any of our social media channels. Together, we can continue to bring awareness towards these accounts, and the scammers behind them. 

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