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5 Jobs Where You Can Work From Home Without a College Degree

Did you know that there are several remote jobs that can help you earn a decent living without a bachelor’s degree? Read more to find out.

Jackie Lam • May 1, 2020

Have your work hours been scaled back? Or perhaps you’re in the market for a new job? 

Are you curious about work from home opportunities, and how to land a job with higher pay? 

As you might expect, there’s been quite a hiring boom in essential businesses, like grocery stores, discount retailers, and food delivery companies. But what if you prefer a work-from-home arrangement? Sure, you can rake in some dough by selling stuff. You can also take on a side hustle to make some extra cash from home

Yet, there are also remote jobs that can help you earn a decent living without a bachelor’s degree. Here are 5 well-paying, remote jobs that don’t require a college degree:

1. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a type of administrative assistant that can do a host of different tasks.

While administrative assistants typically answer emails, book appointments, and send invoices, a virtual assistant (VA) can also do basic research, fact-checking, and sometimes even digital marketing tasks. In some cases, virtual assistants act as project managers. 


💸 How much you can expect to earn: Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, administrative assistants can make $39,850 a year or $19.16 an hour.

🔎 Where to find jobs as a VA: You can start with a search on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or ZipRecruiter.


2. Online chat agent

As an online chat agent, you’re responsible for fielding customer service calls, answering questions, and coming up with solutions. You might also answer emails, or chat in real-time with customers on an online platform.

And, depending on the company and specifics of the role, you might handle a range of other responsibilities. Some of these tasks may include: walking callers through using different products, selling various plans and products, and dealing with billing questions. The best part: you can work from anywhere.


💸 How much you can expect to earn: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as a customer service representative, you can rake in an hourly wage of $16.69 or $34,710 a year. If you’re in a customer service role that includes occasionally pitching and selling products, you can earn a commission as well.

🔎 Where to find jobs as an online chat agent: You can search on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or ZipRecruiter. You can also hunt for listings on, which is hiring remote customer support representatives. 


3. Insurance sales agent

Whether you’re selling car insurance, health insurance or life insurance policies, getting your head around insurance can be a tricky, complicated matter. Many people want to talk to a human to have their questions answered before deciding on which policy is best for them. 

As an insurance agent, you can help people learn about the ins and outs of different insurance policies, and help them find the best coverage for them. And, becoming an insurance sales agent doesn’t require a college degree. 

Something interesting to note? Google search trends reveal that interest in purchasing life insurance policies has spiked due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that there is likely a need for jobs related to selling insurance. 


💸How much you can expect to earn: According to Comparably, the median yearly salary for an insurance agent is $48,000. As you can also receive a commission as an insurance sales agent, you can potentially earn more. It’s all about the hustle. 

🔎 Where to find jobs as a life insurance agent: Check out listings on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, or ZipRecruiter.


4. Medical transcriptionist

If you’ve got mad typing skills, you might consider taking a job as a medical transcriptionist or medical scribe. You basically transcribe voice recordings from phone and video conferencing meetings from doctors and healthcare workers. 

As a medical transcriptionist, you can find work through hospitals, doctors’ offices, or transcriptionist companies. 


💸How much you can expect to earn: Per Comparably, the median annual salary for medical transcriptionists is $38,943

🔎Where to find jobs as a medical transcriptionist: You can hunt for jobs on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, or ZipRecruiter.


5. Graphic designer

Like many creative jobs, you don’t necessarily need a college degree to be successful, competitive, or make a good living. But you do need a killer portfolio and some serious chops. In other words, you need to have what it takes to deliver the goods. 

To get there, you can gain some know-how and develop some skills by taking low-cost classes on digital platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.


💸How much you can expect to earn as a graphic designer: Per Comparably, the median salary for a graphic designer is $61,172.

🔎Where to find jobs as a graphic designer: You can search for graphic designer jobs on ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn or on job boards for creatives like Working, Not Working, 


Stay on top of the hustle

The amount of money you can earn from these work-from-home jobs varies depending on the company you work for, where you live, and the exact role you land. To stay on top of the hunt, keep an eye out for companies that are itching to hire. A great place to check is LinkedIn’s Who’s Hiring Right Now.

Whatever the case might be, during these trying times it’s a good idea to stay on your toes and look for jobs where you can earn more money. Remember: No matter what curveballs get thrown your way, you can take matters into your own hands and take control of your financial situation. 

Are you ready to look for a work-from-home job?

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