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7 Paw-some Ways to Spoil Your Pet on a Budget

By Rebecca Ki
February 10, 2021
  1. Homemade Treats > Store-Bought Eats 🥩
  2. New Toys? Yes please🦴
  3. Pet Fam Photoshoot 📸
  4. Do Their Favorite Hobbies Together 🎾
  5. Make Them a New Hangout Spot 🌞
  6. A “Spaw” Experience 💆
  7. No Pet? No Problem 🐶 🐱

February 20th is National #LoveYourPetDay, and what better way to show them that they’re the furry love(s) of your life by spoiling their little paws off? 🐾

If you’re looking for some safe and healthy ways to spoil your pet on a budget, we got you. With these eight ways to pamper your furry best friend, it’s guaranteed that they’ll be feeling the love!

Homemade Treats > Store-Bought Eats 🥩

Every pet I know loves their treats, and what better way to spoil them by making some healthy homemade snacks? If you have a dog, bake some nutritious biscuits, and include some of their favorite flavors. After all, you know them best, so you can tailor their treats with apples, or carrots, or even some bacon! For cats, you can easily prep some treats with ingredients like tuna, salmon, catnip, chicken, or cheddar. They’ll appreciate the gourmet meal and, even though you can’t try your creations, you’ll be satisfied knowing that your pets love them.

New Toys? Yes please🦴

Ordering your furball a new gift from the local pet supply store can be a fun thing to do! Since we can’t always go out together to shop, take inspiration from their already-well-loved toys. If they like fluffy stuffed animals, you can’t go wrong with adding another one to their collection. If they love squeaky toys… then the sacrifice of your ear drums is all up to you! No matter what, new toys and games will keep their mind sharp and provide a break in their routine. 

Pet Fam Photoshoot 📸

You know it, and I know it: Every pet owner’s phone is filled with photos of their pet.  If there’s anything that’s missing, it would be pictures of you with your pet! Change that up by asking a friend to take some glamour shots of you and your furry best friend together. You can dress up for it, or even have cheesy matching outfits—this is a great way to create some memories for everyone that will last forever. Plus, when everything is said and done, you could even print some of the best photographs to frame in the house!

Do Their Favorite Hobbies Together 🎾

Like all pets, your four-legged friend probably has a favorite activity, whether it’s playing fetch, going on a long walk, or even just vibing with you while you binge watch Netflix. Whatever it is, go out of your way to spend some time with them doing that, and be extra attentive when they’re enjoying that activity—even if it’s just more pets and scritches and praise! It doesn’t have to be a massive effort to make your pet feel special and, at the end of the day, it’ll strengthen your bond with each other for sure.

Make Them a New Hangout Spot 🌞

Okay, you don’t have to get them a veritable palace, à la Paris Hilton’s Dog Mansion, but making a small effort to give them their own space could be a great way to pamper your pet. Whether it’s a cozy corner of a closet or a space under the stairs, simply fill it with their favorite blanket, a comfy bed, and last but not least, their best toys! For cat owners, this might not be their thing, however, I’ve yet to meet a cat that didn’t love lounging in the sun. Look into a cat hammock that’s easy to set up—all for them to laze around to their heart’s content. 

A “Spaw” Experience 💆

No matter the species, every animal loves being pampered, in their own way of course! A day of rest and relaxation can be your pet’s idea of the perfect day. If you have a dog, you can treat them by gently brushing their fur, giving them a little massage, and overall, carefully taking care of them. The same goes for cat owners, but as cats are sometimes more picky about being touched, make sure they’re in the mood for some cuddles before you try! Don’t force anything, they’ll come to you when they’re ready to receive your love and massages. If anything, your time grooming and touching them will feel more special because they came to you for it.

No Pet? No Problem 🐶 🐱

If you’re reading this because you want to fill a furry-friend-shaped void in your life, consider this a divine message to finally adopt one from a rescue shelter! Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters in the United States every year. You can give one of these animals a new chance at life. Learn more about adopting a pet here.

Above All, Love the $#!@ Out of them! 😻

Pets are simple creatures. They just want to be loved as much as they love you, (and we all know that’s a lot.) You don’t have to break the bank or break out the designer collars for them to feel taken care of, so just treat them extra good today, and they’ll be extra satisfied by it. Last but not least, no matter what pet you have, please give them an extra kiss from me. I love them too. Happy National #LoveYourPetDay! ❤️

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