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Your Money Horoscope 2024 & Money Habits: What Your Zodiac Sign Says

Jackie Lam • December 21, 2023

Your money horoscope can help you better understand your relationship with money. Learn more about what your astrological sign says about your money habits.

On the surface, it seems money should be rooted in logic. It requires basic math and numbers, so you might assume that budgeting basics are simple calculations—tallying up your expenses, sticking to your spending plan, and stashing away for an emergency. 

But that can be a far cry from reality. For one, we’re human! And to be human is to feel — and to err. Oftentimes, our financial decisions actually seem irrational. That’s because our behaviors, perceptions, and habits around the mighty dollar revolve around a complex web of emotions, observations, and first-hand experiences. In turn, we create our own kind of money story. And, true or not, we tend to believe them.

To better understand your unique relationship to money, your zodiac can say a lot about your personality and your inherent ways of being. It could also reveal our strengths and weaknesses in money matters. So, without further ado, here’s a money horoscope just for you, based on your astrological sun sign!

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♈ Aries

As a fire sign, you’re energetic, adventurous, and fiercely competitive. You value self-sufficiency and freedom, and are a go-getter to the core.

Your bright side: Whether it’s making a killing through side hustling, or trying to save as quickly as possible for a major goal, nothing can stop you!

Your shadow side: As an Aries, you tend to go all-out. This could, in part, be to one-up your peers—a way of trying to measure up. When it comes to spending, it’s easy to go into “me want now” mode. You’ll want to heed caution with purchases you make on the fly that could cost you later.

Be careful of pushing yourself too hard with your finances where you feel overextended. Remember: You are more than enough.

♉ Taurus

Stubborn yet steadfast, Taureans value security, sensual pleasures, and material realization of their success.

Your bright side: Others admire your savvy negotiation skills, and that you know what your work is worth. If you feel like you aren’t getting paid for your talents, skills, and expertise, you bounce. In turn, you tend to find ways to earn more money with ease.

Your shadow side: Because you value material security and success in its tangible forms, you tend to get overly obsessed with money. It’s hard for you to take risks, especially if it means putting some of your finances on the line.

Don’t be afraid to take calculated, measured risks every so often. And to invest in yourself. You’re worth it!

♊ Gemini

Dynamic and dualistic in nature, you’re a skilled communicator and can persuade others to see things from a new perspective.

Your bright side: The Twins are adept at communicating. When prompted, you can use your powers of self-expression to persuade, inform, and inspire. This can come in handy when you want to talk about your money needs and goals in relationships, or with a friend or family member.

Your shadow side: You’re layered and complex, and it can sometimes be hard for you to stay on course. We get it. You’re inherently curious, and don’t like closing doors.

Sometimes you can be organized and disciplined with your money, and other times you can be somewhat neglectful. To stay on track, try mapping out a plan. Enlist the help of a few accounta-buddies to keep you in check.

🦀 Cancer

Sensitive and emotional, a Cancer’s happy place is found in the home. Building a family and a domestic life — with fellow humans, plants, or fur babies — is your center.

Your bright side: You’re generous, and any act of gift-giving comes with no strings attached. Loyal Cancers will show support to loved ones in all the ways —  with words, emotions, or their wallets.

Your shadow side: Sometimes you might care too much, and get lost in other people’s troubles. Be mindful of this, as you could get taken advantage of. You don’t have to say “yes” every time someone asks you to borrow money or for a financial favor. And you don’t always have to play the rescuer. Set money boundaries with others.

Cancers can also be a bit moody. When you find yourself in a bad place, be careful not to stress shop.

🐆 Leo

Proud, passionate, and boastful, you love to flaunt your possessions and/or talents.

Your bright side: You’re a dynamo! Pouring your passions into art, a work project, or investing into your tribe? The world takes notice. In turn, you often reap the benefits, which can come in the form of cash or recognition.

Your shadow side: Let’s face it. Sometimes your ego can get the best of you. Spending your money to show off, or in a show of one-upmanship, can potentially hurt the state of your finances.

Being front-facing and flashy is valuable for a Leo, and can be a lot of fun. But it’s also important to tend to what’s going on behind the scenes — making sure you have enough in savings, and not digging a hole of debt.

♍ Virgo

Detailed to a T, Virgos are creative, analytical, and master problem-solvers.

Your bright side: You’re a pro at creating structure and laying out systems. In turn, you’re usually designated as the household CFO, and help figure out finances among your roomies or family members – because you can be trusted to come up with a budget and stick to it.

Your shadow side: At times, you might get too bogged down in the details and overthink your finances. It might stem from stress or fear. If it works, don’t fix it. No need to get overly fussy, which can lead to being critical.

While you often do know best, sometimes it’s better to step to the side and let others figure things out on their own.

⚖ Libra

Balanced and fair, Libras have a knack for seeing both sides of the coin.

Your bright side: Your balanced nature extends to your money management, too. While you might indulge once in a while, you also make sure to squirrel some money aside in case of emergency.

Your shadow side: While it’s certainly a gift to hold space for ideas that are paradoxical in nature, it could also lead to great indecision. Not sure what to prioritize when it comes to money goals? Listen to your intuition, and couple that with your values and intentions.

Know that you don’t have to cater to everyone’s needs, or bend to their opinions.

🦂 Scorpio

Persistent and brave, you’re highly ambitious—and might even come off a bit sassy at times.

Your bright side: You’re smart and imaginative, and that extends to your clever ways to make money, or save a buck. You’re the queen—or king—of finding workarounds and loopholes, which could help you moneywise.

Your shadow side: While you definitely have a sting, your motives are misunderstood much of the time. You do it out of a will to protect and guard what’s most valuable to you.

Speaking of which, you have a secretive nature, and might be prone to keeping a financial secret. You might have some buried debt, or an account or savings that nobody knows about. You do this with the best of intentions. However, revealing this secret could lighten your load and improve your relationships.

♐ Sagittarius

Freewheeling, inquisitive, and expansive, Sags are known to be one of the most worldly of the zodiac signs.

Your bright side: Your optimism helps you navigate through tricky situations. When you’re met with a money challenge, you’re able to point toward solutions. A natural risk-taker and big-picture visionary, you don’t hesitate to pursue ambitious goals, which can pay off for you in the end.

Your shadow side: You figure if you can dream it, you should do it. Tempering your lofty goals and high-minded visions with practicality and available resources will be a lifelong challenge. Otherwise, you might find yourself in hot financial water.

Before making a big purchase or embarking on an expensive adventure, do a check-in with the numbers in your bank account. It’s all about balancing your dreams with what’s realistic.

♑ Capricorn

Capricorns are admired for being practical, disciplined, and grounded.

Your bright side: When it comes to your money goals, “slow and steady wins the race” is your lifelong mantra. You don’t get distracted by jackpot, get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, you stick to the original plan and make steady headway.

Your shadow side: Interestingly enough, you’re an Earth sign who tends to feel limited by material restrictions. It’s like when you were a kid and that fancy bike or computer was beyond your reach.

Now that you’re an adult, some of your money goals might be met with a confusing jumble of despair and hope. Remember that you have enough, and those big goals that seem impossible? You’ll get there over time!

♒ Aquarius

Original, authentic, and humanitarian, you have a way of doing things that are all your own.

Your bright side: Your knack for devising out-of-the-box hacks comes in handy with money matters. For instance, maximizing a referral bonus or getting the greatest savings with online promo codes. That’s cash that goes right back in your bank account. And, being naturally big-hearted, you’re first to donate to causes that speak deeply to you.

Your shadow side: You can be a bit hard-headed and set in your ways. If someone shows you a smarter, better way of doing things, you’d most likely ignore them. It’s only when you discover something on your own — or believe you did — that you might mix things up.

There might be savvier ways to save or easier ways to budget your money. Allow yourself to hear others out and try something new once in a while.

♓ Pisces

Creative, charming, and ever-elusive, as a water sign you can be hard to pin down.

Your bright side: You’re as empathetic as can be. And you don’t judge others for their money decisions — even if they’re their own harshest critics. If they went hog-wild on some fancy clothes or that hot, must-have gadget, you won’t ever throw shade.

Your shadow side: Because you’re so mysterious, it can be hard to tell what your motives are sometimes, or where you’re headed next. Others might feel frustrated by your elusiveness. Check in with them every so often.

Pisces can also be a tad impressionable and easily swayed. You don’t have to follow every trend or what influencers are doing. That could lead to overspending, or making decisions that could cost you later. Do you — and what’s best for you.

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