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7 Ways to Build Your Brand on a Budget

Caroline Gluck • November 18, 2021

Building your brand can seem like a daunting task. Read on for helpful tips for trademarking yourself or a business without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking to enter the world of influencers, start a new business, or possibly develop your professional persona, it’s time to start working on building your brand. This may seem daunting at first— impossible even, especially when it comes to costs. But building your brand doesn’t have to cost a fortune! There are plenty of ways to trademark yourself or a business without breaking the bank.

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What is a Brand? 🤷

According to branding pioneer Walter Landor, “products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind.” So what does this mean? A brand is more than just a logo, color scheme, or even a product. Your brand represents you and your beliefs. Use this knowledge to help inform why you want to brand yourself and how.

Types of Brands 📃

1. Personal

A personal brand shapes how people connect with you and it’s essentially used to promote yourself.

Examples of effective personal brands:

  • Bill Nye (The Science Guy, duh)
    • He uses his personal brand to increase awareness and appreciation of science!
  • Mindy Kaling
    • A multifaceted queen who makes us feel like she’s our best friend!

2. Professional

A professional brand is the creation of a public image for your professional persona. You can often use it to show your talents, skills, and strengths within the professional sphere. 

Examples of effective professional brands:

  • Elon Musk 
  • Steve Jobs (remember that iconic black turtleneck?)

3. Small Business

A small business brand involves creating a comprehensive and meaningful purpose that will positively shape public perception of your business. 

Examples of effective small business brands:

Why Build a Brand? 📈

Building a brand will help you and/or your business make a long-lasting impact on the world. No longer are the days where you can simply start a successful business without thinking of its overall value. People want to connect with a businesses’ mission or feel emotionally invested in the influencer they’re following on social media. If you want to be successful in your personal, professional, or business career, unique and impactful branding is essential. 

How to Build a Brand without Breaking the Bank 💰

1. Figure out your Purpose

This may seem like a given, but this step is often overlooked by those eager to launch a new brand. Your brand should be something you’re passionate about and that should translate to its purpose. If you want to build a personal brand, you should think about what causes you care most about and apply it to your work. If you want to build a professional business brand, your purpose will influence your product, your business relationships, and will definitely impact your audience. Take your time and find your purpose!


2. Create a Mood Board

You may want to jump right into your brand by creating a website or a logo, but it’s important that you visualize the brand that you want to create. Make a moodboard the old fashioned way by cutting out pictures from magazines that inspire you. This can include colors, textures, words, or anything else you want to add. If you don’t feel like physically making a moodboard (I totally get it), you can easily hop onto pinterest and cultivate a virtual board. Not only is this useful and free, but it’s also fun to think of your brand in this creative way! 

Brands that use pinterest: The cool hour, Lazy Oaf


3. Develop your own logo

I know this may seem daunting at first, but trust me. You can design your own logo even if you don’t have any artistic skills! Websites like Canva make it easy to figure out a design that works for you. They even have premade illustrations! You get the freedom to choose your own colors, designs, illustrations, and you can even upload your own photographs or other work. Best of all, it’s free to download your design!

Brands that have used Canva: Skyscanner, Amnesty International


4. Start a Blog

If you want to build a brand, it’s best to start a blog to start reaching wider audiences. No need to purchase your own website domain or pay monthly fees. You can use a site like Wix to create a free website for yourself. They make it super easy to create your own designs and add texts. Worrying about a website can be overwhelming, but starting a blog is the perfect way to get started and develop the voice of your brand.

Brands that use Wix: Seven Grams Caffe, Tobias Becs, Linda Franzosi


5. Curate your social media presence

Social media is key when it comes to building your brand. With everyone online, it is more important than ever to develop a social media persona that reflects you and your ideas. Luckily, the most popular social media sites are all free! In order to gain popularity and traction, try to curate a profile that is aesthetically cohesive. You definitely want everything to feel like it has your personal touch. Also, it’s vital to remain consistent with your posts. Use apps like Instagram or Tiktok to really make an impact. 

Brands that use Instagram or Tiktok: Gordon Ramsey, Blush Babe Jewelry


6. Collab!

After you’ve started building your brand, it’s time to collaborate with other creators and professionals! Partnerships with more established businesses or content creators can elevate your brand instantly. Don’t be afraid to reach out to some of your favorite small brands that share a similar mission! 


7. Use Email Marketing

Sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter can greatly help the promotion of your brand. If your small business is running a promotion or if you have personal updates to share with your followers, an email blast is the perfect way to easily connect. Use sites like mailchimp or GetResponse to stay in contact with your followers and customers! 

Brands that use mailchimp: Live Nation, Good Dye Young

Time to Brand!

While starting a brand may seem daunting, hopefully this article was able to calm some of your fears. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to start a personal, professional, or small business brand. In fact, the most important part is that your brand has a purpose that both you and your audience are passionate about! Now it’s time to get branding! 

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