10 Things You Can Sell to Make Extra Money

By Rebecca Lake
March 23, 2020

When you need some extra cash to pay your bills or supplement your income, figuring out how to make more money may be your number one priority. 

Starting a side hustle is certainly a great way to earn extra cash. Yet, selling things around the house is another option if you want to raise some dough. 

Take a look at 10 things you can sell to make quick cash

1. Books

Selling books is an easy way to make money and there are plenty of places you can sell them, depending on the types of books you have laying around your house. 

For example, if you have textbooks you want to sell for extra money you can list them on:

If you have kids books, you can sell them to a local kids’ bookstore in your area. Or, if you have a selection of fiction and non-fiction books, you can sell them on eBay or Amazon.

2. Electronics

Selling electronics is a great way to make extra money. This includes selling things like:

  • Old cell phones and chargers
  • CD players
  • DVD players
  • TVs
  • GPS systems
  • Cameras and accessories

To sell electronics quickly, post your items on local bargain groups or Facebook marketplace. Pawn shops are another place that you can sell your electronics locally. 

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3. Unused Gift Cards

If you’re sitting on a pile of unused gift cards you got for your birthday, you can easily turn these into cash. 

Sites like CardPool and CardCash let you list and sell your unwanted and unused gift cards online. If you’re wondering how much you can sell your gift cards for, you can check their value at GiftCardGranny

4. Furniture

Selling furniture is another easy way to make money. Again, you can list items for sale in local bargain groups or Facebook Marketplace. You can also try selling furniture items to consignment shops. 

Some of the things you may want to sell include: 

  • Bookcases
  • Bed frames
  • Dressers and cabinets
  • Sofas and chairs
  • Dining sets
  • TV stands and entertainment centers
  • Outdoor furniture

Here’s a pro tip: To prepare to sell furniture, take the time to clean it up first so you can  command the best price. 

5. Kids Clothes and Toys

If you have children, you likely have toys, games and clothes that they no longer use. And, selling these items can be a fast and easy moneymaker. 

If you want to sell clothes online, you can try a site like ThredUP. But you can also sell items locally to consignment stores. If you’re going this route, consider stores that specialize in buying kids’ items, such as Once Upon a Child. This way, you can make one trip to sell clothes, toys, shoes, and accessories.

And, if you’re selling old toys from your own childhood, make sure you’re not parting with collectibles first. The rarer an older toy is, the more it might be worth. 

6. Sports Equipment

Another idea for how to make extra money is to sell unused sporting equipment.

The key is choosing things you don’t think you’ll use again. So, that kayak you bought but never used? Think about selling it. Yet, those free weights that you actually use? Keep them. 

Sports memorabilia is also something you can sell. For example, you can sell baseball cards, autographed items, jerseys, pennants and other collectibles online or to a local sports memorabilia store. 

7. Jewelry

If you have some high-quality jewelry pieces you don’t mind parting with, you can make some serious cashola.

Sites like Worthy.com and CashforGoldUSA will buy your jewelry and even pay for you to ship it to their warehouse. If you’re selling jewelry locally, consider getting it appraised first. This way you’ll know what you can charge.

If you only have costume jewelry, you can sell that, too. Even if you sell each piece for a few bucks, this can net you a decent chunk of change – especially if you have a large collection. 

Home Decor and Kitchen Gadgets

Chances are you have some appliances, wall art or other home-related items you don’t need or use. Things like mixers, wall hangings, candle holders, waffle irons and crockpots can all be turned into cash fairly quickly. 

While you probably won’t get rich selling these items, you can make a bit of cash while clearing up the clutter in your house.

9. Video Games and Gaming Systems

Selling video games and gaming systems can rake in big bucks. You can sell games and gaming systems online, but if you need money in a hurry, you can try reselling them to GameStop or a pawn shop. 

Aside from games and gaming systems, you can also sell off accessories like controllers, headsets or even a gaming chair if you have one. 

10. CDs and DVDs

Rebecca Lake has been writing about personal finance and business for nearly a decade. Her work has been featured on CreditCards.com, Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and other personal finance sites.

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