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Picture this: You’re sitting around the table with your entire extended family when someone wants to have the talk. No, it’s not sex, and it’s not even religion or politics. It’s the big one:

🎶Let’s talk about money, baby. 🎶

Does the very thought of such a conversation make you want to cancel every upcoming social engagement on your calendar? You’re not alone. Earlier this year, Chime surveyed Millennial and Gen Z adults to understand how talking openly about money with friends and family made them feel.

In a word? Awkward.

But we also learned that roughly 9 in 10 young adults are willing to try a new, more comfortable approach to having frank discussions about money – like by playing a family-friendly card game.

That’s why Chime has come out with a fun way for friends and families to have honest conversations about their financial progress just in time for holiday season gift-giving.

Dollars & Sense is Chime’s new card game that helps you ask questions that reveal ideas and money beliefs you have about shopping, saving, tipping, sharing, wasting, hoarding, and dreaming that you might not have realized you had. Bring Dollars & Sense to the holiday party for a low-stakes, fun way to start talking about, well, dollars and cents.

Most Millennials and Gen Z dread the money talk

Millennials and Gen Z have championed the era of oversharing. Young adults are increasingly open about sex, politics, and religion. They’ve even led the charge toward greater pay transparency in the workplace.¹

But when it comes to frank discussions with friends and family about monthly savings habits and credit scores, everyone gets a little more tight-lipped.

In fact, 72% of Millennials and 63% of Gen Zers say they’d rather show family members their entire camera roll, their DMs, or their dating app profile than share their bank statements and credit rating.

And 11% say they’d rather have their wisdom teeth removed. Ouch.

Want to hear more money hot takes? Here’s how Gen Z views and builds wealth.

Young people didn't grow up talking about money

It’s no surprise that Millennials and Gen Zers aren’t comfortable talking about money – for most, it was never part of their upbringing. Less than a quarter of people surveyed say they regularly talked about money in their household when they grew up; almost a third say money never came up at all.

And nearly one in five say their parents taught them bad money habits, which may be why they’re less comfortable swapping money stories in adulthood.

But more than 80% of Millennials and Gen Z adults say it’s important to teach children about money – and that these conversations should happen with kids early on.

Even when money’s tight, young adults believe it’s important to be honest and transparent with kids about finances. And 86% are ready to start having the money talk. If only there were a fun game to facilitate the conversation…

Dollars & Sense™: Making the conversation easier

That’s why Chime developed Dollars & Sense: a game where money talks, and so do you. It’s on sale now, and in the spirit of giving, all Chime proceeds will be donated to charity! One of the recipients is The Hustler’s Guild, a nonprofit that builds and sustains financial health in under-resourced communities. 

This party game is the perfect icebreaker for holiday gatherings with family or Friday game nights with friends. Mix deep conversations and belly laughs as you explore honest, enlightening, and sometimes funny conversations with loved ones about your approach to finances.

It’s pretty simple: Pick a card and follow the prompt. There are four categories, each of which should encourage stimulating conversations between you and your loved ones:

  • Tell Me More: We all have ideas about money, and these cards will get your family and friends talking about them.
  • That Time When: Storytellers to the front, please! These questions encourage everyone to share their favorite money memories.
  • Trivia Questions: Put your financial knowledge to the test! The first correct answer wins the card. You didn’t think we’d let you play without learning something new, did you?
  • Would You Rather: Pretty self-explanatory. The best answer wins a card.

While playing Dollars & Sense, you may learn new budgeting tips from a friend, hear how your uncle rebuilt his credit after some financial missteps, or even get to share your favorite Venmo® alternatives.

Dollars & Sense is the perfect way to get real about money – learn from past mistakes, share what’s worked well for you, and understand how you and your loved ones can help each other through financial ups and downs.

How to get Chime's new card game

Dollars & Sense is available to everyone – not just Chime members. If you, your family, and your friend group are ready to start having fun conversations about cash, this is the game for you.

You can find Dollars & Sense at more than 900 Walgreens locations across the country, as well as on Chime’s TikTok Shop and Amazon.

In the season of asking sometimes invasive questions, ask the good ones.

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1 Information from CNBC’s “34% of workers say they’d post how much money they make online—Gen Z and millennials are even more eager,” as of Oct. 17, 2023:

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