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10 Best Finance Podcasts to Listen To in 2022

Looking to build your personal finance knowledge? Here are the 10 best finance podcasts to listen to when you’re on the go and working to develop better money habits.

Rebecca Lake • July 20, 2022

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Personal finance can involve some complicated and confusing topics, especially if you’re just starting to learn about money. Having an expert to turn to for advice and guidance can make things such as making your first budget, paying down debt, or saving for retirement a little easier to navigate. 

While a financial planner can help with those sorts of things, it will cost you. However, tuning into a money podcast can be the next best thing. 

The greatest podcasts about money are the ones that inform, encourage, and entertain listeners while also giving them actionable advice to follow. 

Best financial Podcasts for 2022

With thousands of podcasts to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down which ones are most helpful, and you might even be wondering which ones are considered the best. If you’re looking to invest your money, manage your debt, or start a side hustle, here are the top 10 personal finance podcasts to consider in 2022.

1. Best financial independence podcast: ChooseFI

If you’re interested in the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement or just want to know how to become financially independent, the ChooseFI podcast is worth a listen. 

Co-hosts Jonathan and Brad discuss tips, strategies, and hacks for achieving financial independence. 

Episodes last around an hour, so you can tune in on your lunch break or while working out at the gym.

Head to the ChooseFIi website to check out the full list of podcast episodes.

  • New Episodes: Every Monday
  • Length of Episodes: 1 hour
  • Recent Topics: Inflation, Retirement, Savings Rate

2. Best finance podcast for beginners: How to Money

How to Money is a podcast hosted by Joel and Matt, 2 friends who love nothing more than talking about money. 

This is one of the best personal finance podcasts for young adults or anyone who’s struggling to grasp the basics of money management. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to make (and stick) to a budget
  • How to balance saving with paying off debt
  • How to get started investing

Check out the full episode list available on the How to Money podcast website.

  • New Episodes: Every 2 – 3 days
  • Length of Episodes: 45 minutes
  • Recent Topics: Crypto, Budgeting, Career Advice

3. Best podcast for building wealth: Stacking Benjamins

Stacking Benjamins is hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy, a former financial advisor, and his co-host who goes by the moniker “OG,” short for “Other Guy.” 

With nearly 700 episodes, this is a great podcast about money for people who want to build wealth, invest, and reach their financial goals. 

You can listen to all of the Stacking Benjamins episodes, which can be found on the website.

  • New Episodes: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 
  • Length of Episodes: 1 hour
  • Recent Topics: Inflation, Automated Business, Investing Mistakes

4. Best money podcast for women: HerMoney 

Jean Chatzky is an award-winning personal finance expert whose goal is to help women take control of their finances. 

The Her Money podcast is devoted to topics of interest to women, including things like:

The podcast follows an interview format with different guests each week.

You can tune in to the HerMoney podcast and check out articles on all things finance on the HerMoney website

  • New Episodes: Every Wednesday
  • Length of Episodes: 30 minutes
  • Recent Topics: NFTs, Women’s Mental Health, Racial and Gender Wealth Gap

5. Best financial podcast for side hustlers: The Side Hustle Show

If you want to become an expert at making money with side hustles, The Side Hustle Show is one of the best finance podcasts on that topic. 

Nick Loper, founder of Side Hustle Nation, also hosts The Side Hustle Show podcast. This weekly podcast offers:

  • New business and side hustle ideas
  • Interviews with side hustling experts
  • Ideas for making extra money

You can listen to The Side Hustle Show in your browser, but it’s also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

  • New Episodes: About every 3 days
  • Length of Episodes: 15 minutes – 1 hour
  • Recent Topics: Building an Online Business, Side Hustle Taxes

6. Best money mindset podcast: Afford Anything

Paula Pant is an expert on building wealth through real estate investing. She chronicles her successes and challenges on her blog, which has since spawned the Afford Anything podcast. 

Mindset is a huge part of how you build wealth and manage money, and Paula interviews financial experts to answer your top money questions so you can build a better life. 

Get all the details and a full episode list on the Afford Anything website

  • New Episodes: Twice a week (days vary)
  • Length of Episodes: 1 hour
  • Recent Topics: Investing, Retirement, 2X Rule

7. Best financial literacy podcast: Planet Money

Planet Money is a podcast and blog produced by National Public Radio (NPR) in association with the parent podcast hit, This American Life. The podcast hosts various speakers and contributors to help explain what’s going on in the economy. 

The podcast was first launched in response to the financial crisis of 2008 with the goal of explaining the current status of the economy in a more digestible way. Today, the podcast continues to address and clarify the evolving economy in 15- to 30-minute episodes.

  • New Episodes: Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Length of Episodes: 15 to 30 minutes
  • Recent Topics: Inflation, Stock Market, Recessions

8. Best finance podcast for families: Marriage Kids and Money

Marriage, Kids and Money is an award-winning podcast designed for families who want to get a better grip on their finances. 

The host Andy Hill is a personal finance expert and father of 2, so he’s well-versed in how to manage money as a family. 

The topics covered range from how to pay off your mortgage ahead of schedule to helping your kids get on the path to building wealth at a young age.

If you’re interested in hearing Andy’s thoughts on budgeting, debt, saving, and other topics, head to the Marriage, Kids and Money website to subscribe and listen weekly.

  • New Episodes: Every Monday
  • Length of Episodes: 45 minutes 
  • Recent Topics: Downsizing Your Home, Roth IRA, College Education

9. Best financial podcast for getting out of debt: More Money Podcast

Jessica Moorhouse is a financial counselor who takes a fresh approach to personal finance. In her “Mo’ Money Podcast,” Moorhouse interviews personal finance and business experts along with celebrities, entrepreneurs, her own friends, and even her family members. 

Episodes focus on how to better manage your money, how to become debt-free, and how to build wealth.

Her topics prove that personal finance doesn’t need to be complicated. Some of the trendy episodes that will resonate with millennials and Gen Z talk about no-spending challenges, how to work abroad, and how to turn your side hustle into a main hustle.

  • New Episodes: Every Monday
  • Length of Episodes: Around 1 hour
  • Recent Topics: Breaking The Debt Cycle, Taking Back Your Financial Power 

10. Best money podcast for Millennials and Gen Z: Journey to Launch

Financial freedom is a lofty goal to have, especially if you’re still in your 20s or 30s. For example, you might have $100,000 in student loans to pay off, or you might think that buying a home is out of reach. 

The Journey to Launch podcast is geared toward millennials and Gen Zers who know what they want to achieve with their money, but don’t necessarily know how to get there. 

Hosted by financial educator and blogger Jamila Souffrant, this podcast includes interviews with money experts as well as answers to listener questions. 

Check out the full list of Journey to Launch episodes on the website.

  • New Episodes: Every Wednesday
  • Length of Episodes: Around 1 hour
  • Recent Topics: Overcoming Spending Guilt, How to Design an Intentional Life


Where can I go to learn more about financial literacy?

If you’re looking to learn more about financial literacy, look to our partnership with Everfi through the 21 Savage Scholarship Campaign. Even though the giveaway is over, you can still go through the financial literacy courses to brush up on your finance knowledge. For even more info, check out edX’s financial literacy courses, which are free and self-paced.

What’s a good money podcast to listen to if I’m interested in investing?

Several of the podcasts listed above talk about investing, but if you’re looking for a deeper dive into the topic, check out Millennial Investing, hosted by Robert Leonard. This podcast aims to create literacy in the ever-changing world of finance for millennials. The show covers an extensive range of finance topics, including everything from personal finance to stock market investing.

Are there any podcasts about money for college or paying off student loans?

There are a handful of finance podcasts that discuss how to pay for college, pay off student loan debt, and invest in your education overall. Here are a few to check out:

  • Student Loan Planner: The Student Loan Planner podcast by Travis Hornsby helps you navigate the world of student loans, especially if you owe $50,000 to $1 million. Every week the podcast shares tips on loan forgiveness, investing, and how to get to financial freedom.
  • The College Investor Audio Show: The College Investor podcast is a daily audio show by Robert Farrington, the founder of The College Investor and a Millennial Money Expert. He discusses and shares how to get out of student loan debt so that you can start investing and building wealth for your future. 
  • The Student Loan Doctor: The Student Loan Doctor LLC is a business podcast geared toward helping individuals understand and create a plan to conquer their student loan debt.

What are some other fun finance podcasts to listen to?

Financial podcasts don’t need to be boring! For some more upbeat listens, check out The Financial Confessions, a weekly podcast that breaks down what you need to know about your finances. The host sits down with experts and influencers to talk about everything from divorce to reality TV stars to certified financial planners. 

Another good listen is the Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn podcast, which examines the intersection of finances, feelings, and our capitalist system in an attempt to bring social justice to conversations about personal finance by interviewing journalists, student loan experts, and mutual aid organizers.

Final Thoughts

Listening to one or two top financial podcasts can help you feel more confident about your personal finances and the decisions you make with your money. Taking advantage of the right tools and money apps can also help when it comes to improving your financial situation. 

For example, opening a checking account with no fees and linking it to a savings account is an quick and easy way to further your money goals. You can start to save automatically with recurring transfers while keeping more of the interest you earn.

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