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The Best Money Tips Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Are some of your money moves written in the stars? We’re breaking it down by sign to find out!

Caroline Gluck • December 10, 2021

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  1. ♈ Aries
  2. ♉ Taurus
  3. ♊ Gemini
  4. ♋ Cancer
  5. ♌ Leo
  6. ♍ Virgo
  7. ♎ Libra
  8. ♏ Scorpio
  9. ♐ Sagittarius
  10. ♑ Capricorn
  11. ♒ Aquarius
  12. ♓ Pisces
  13. Get to Know the Real You

Let’s be honest: Money talk can = stress, to say the least! The not-so-pretty truth is that the topics of saving and budgeting can get technical and hard. But here’s a kinda-surprising money tip: Get to know yourself!

And what better way to know you than through your astrological sign? Whether you believe in star signs or not, it can be fun and useful to let the sky guide you. 

♈ Aries

As an Aries, you are essentially an extrovert who also needs your space. Whether it’s a big business meeting or a fun night out, you’re active, determined, and organized.

Money Tip: Sometimes your energy and optimism can give way to impulsiveness. Be careful when going to make big purchases by thinking through your motivations. Impulse buys are sometimes necessary, but make sure you don’t make a purchase that you don’t regret! 

♉ Taurus

As a Taurus, you can be stubborn as a bull, but inside you’re a big softie who just wants someone to cuddle. You’re well-grounded, but also enjoy being surrounded by love and beauty often found in the material world. 

Money Tip: Although you’re naturally good at budgeting, sometimes you’re overly restrictive with yourself and your spending habits. Remember: It’s okay to treat yourself! This may keep you from binging on large purchases in the future. 

♊ Gemini

Gemini’s are quick-witted, adaptable, and have the ability to learn quickly. The symbol of the Gemini is “The Twins”, meaning you’re dualistic in nature. 

Money Tip: You may hold a stable job and be responsible with your budget, until another impulse (such as gambling), takes over. Be aware of your tendency to flip back and forth between responsibility and impulse. 

♋ Cancer

Emotional and loyal, Cancer’s will adopt 5 dogs so that they feel depended on. Cancer’s feel best in their homes surrounded by loved ones. Home is where you feel deeply and act on your intuitions.

Money Tip: Similar to the Taurus, you may be hesitant to stray from your budget and spend money on yourself. It’s ok to tend to your emotional needs. You can even add impulse buys into your budget so you are still able to save money.

♌ Leo

The star of the show— symbolized by the lion— Leo’s are proud, passionate, and dedicated to their friends. 

Money Tip: Generous and warm-hearted, you tend to be an overzealous gift giver. This is a positive! Although, sometimes you may use your money to show off. Be cautious of your need to impress. You can save money by focusing less on material gift-giving and finding other ways to give to others. 

♍ Virgo

As a Virgo, you are more likely to be practical and analytical. You are detail-orientated and hardworking, although sometimes this means you are all work and no play. 

Money Tip: You work best when you have things planned out. To save money, try creating a 5-year-plan for your finances. This will appeal to your practical nature. 


♎ Libra

The symbol of the Libra is the scale, meaning Libra’s are balanced, fair, and gracious. As a Libra, your generosity is admirable and draws people to you. 

Money Tip: Sometimes your desire to be liked by others leads to excess money-spending. Keeping track of your money can be hard. Keep a log of little monthly expenses and factor that into your monthly budget in the future!

♏ Scorpio

Scorpios are a dedicated sign often known for their loyalty, power, and passion. As a Scorpio, your ambition and focus make you great at saving money.

Money Tip: Despite your natural ability to save and prepare, you can always improve your saving techniques. Finding other ways to build your savings, including investing, can be a great way to grow your assets. 

♐ Sagittarius

A freedom-loving Sagittarius is often hard-working, confident, and idealistic. If you are a Sag, you are curious and open-minded, able to charm people with your enthusiasm and extroverted nature. 

Money Tip: It’s commonly known that Sag’s attract money, but have a hard time keeping it in the bank. Using a budgeting app like MoneyDashboard, makes it easier to track your daily spending and save more. 

♑ Capricorn

As a Capricorn, you are known for following the rules and being responsible. Your discipline and self-control lead to wonderful progress in your professional life. 

Money Tip: Capricorn’s know how to save money (duh, they’re the masters of responsibility). To increase money saved, you can use a bank account with a long-term fixed interest rate. That way, you are being responsible and you don’t even need to think about it!

♒ Aquarius

Unique and independent, your Aquarian nature makes you a bit eccentric but strong-willed in your fight for humanitarian causes. 

Money Tip: Because Aquarians like to be unique, you may have to think outside the box when it comes to money-saving techniques. You can look towards accounts that offer cashback or you could invest your extra change by using an app like Acorns

♓ Pisces

Pisces are full of empathy and have a charming creativity that gives way to a dreamy state of being. If you are a Pisces, your empathetic nature causes you to give as much as you can.

Money Tip: You’re giving nature is kind and also may lead you into some dangerous territory. Using the cash envelope method to budget and save money can help you both help yourself and help others. 

Get to Know the Real You

Astrology may just seem like a fun hobby to some, but it provides the perfect framework for understanding your needs. Don’t be afraid to look to the stars when you need some financial advice! 


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