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How We Get (You) Paid Early1

Need your paycheck sooner? Get Paid Early gets you access to your paycheck up to two days ahead of schedule.1

how to get paid early with chime

Chime Team • November 10, 2022

Payday just hits different. Whether it’s to pay bills, beef up your savings, or treat yourself to something nice, that paycheck represents your hard-earned cash – and it often comes just in time.

The only thing better than payday? Getting paid up to two days early.¹ With Chime early direct deposit, you can access your entire paycheck up to two days in advance.

So, how does Chime’s Get Paid Early feature work? Here’s everything you need to know to get paid early¹ with Chime.

How to set up Get Paid Early with Chime

Getting paid early¹ is easy once you’ve set up your Chime account for direct deposit. Here’s how:

1. Open a Chime Checking Account

First, you’ll need to open a Chime Checking Account. Don’t worry: It takes less than 2 minutes!

Already have a Chime Checking Account? Just launch the Chime mobile app and skip to the next step.

2. Choose a direct deposit option

To use Chime’s Get Paid Early app features, you’ll need to set up direct deposit. We offer several easy ways to enroll:

  • In the Chime app: In the Chime mobile app, tap Move Money and then Move your direct deposit. Here, you can copy your routing and account numbers and share those directly with your employer or payroll provider to set up direct deposit.
  • Online: Signed in on your laptop? Head to, log in to your account, and click Move Money to find your account info to share with your employer.
  • Via email: In the app, you can tap Get completed form, and we’ll email you a completed direct deposit form to send to your employer.

3. Get your paycheck sooner

Once you’ve enrolled in direct deposit, you’re all set. As soon as we receive your paycheck from your employer, we’ll deposit it into your account – even if it’s earlier than the scheduled payment date.

Did You Know?
You can also set up Chime direct deposit using the Find employer functionality. If your employer or payroll provider is supported, you can find them directly in the Chime app and set up direct deposit in a few taps — no forms necessary!

How Chime gets you paid early1

Getting your paycheck earlier can save you in a pinch, but how does Chime early direct deposit actually work? Chime immediately makes your paycheck funds available when we receive them from your employer or payroll provider.

Sometimes, it can take up to two days for the paycheck to fully process, which is why some financial institutions make you wait. At Chime, we know how important it is for you to have the money you worked hard for, so we pass your money along as soon as we get it.

It’s your money, after all. Why should you have to wait?

Getting paid early¹ is great, but direct deposit offers even more perks. Check out all the benefits of direct deposit to learn more.

Chime early direct deposit timing

How early can you get your paycheck with Chime? We generally make paycheck funds available the day we receive them from your employer, which can be up to two days before your scheduled payment date.

Weekends and holidays

Like most financial institutions, our bank partners only process payments during the week (Monday through Friday). Chime also observes all federal and bank holidays.

If you were expecting to get your paycheck early¹ but haven’t seen it posted, check the calendar to see if a holiday might have delayed the payment.

When you can’t get your paycheck early

Chime makes your paycheck available the same day we receive it, which means you might be able to access your hard-earned cash up to two days before your scheduled payday.

There are multiple digital stops your direct deposit makes before it reaches Chime. If your payment gets held up along the way, Chime may not receive your paycheck until your actual payday.

If it’s your scheduled payday and you don’t see the money in your account, reach out to your employer to see if they’ve processed your paycheck. If they have, the money is on its way, and Chime will deposit it in your account as soon as we receive it!

Need help from a human?
Even though Chime follows the traditional banking calendar, we do things a bit differently. As an online-only financial tech company, we offer 24/7 customer support — you can contact customer service at Chime whenever you need.

Find out when you Get Paid Early on the Chime app

Payday is exciting. When you’re itching to pay a bill or head to the grocery store, you might be tempted to refresh your banking app all day until you see that paycheck drop.

No need with Chime: we’ll send you a push notification as soon as your paycheck is available.

Just one of the ways Chime mobile banking makes managing your money easier.

More than an app to Get Paid Early

Chime is more than a “get paid early” app. Through our banking partners, Chime offers many banking services and perks, including:


How long does direct deposit take on Chime?

With Chime’s early direct deposit feature, you can get your paycheck up to two days ahead of your scheduled payment date. As soon as Chime receives your paycheck from your employer, we deposit the funds in your account. To unlock the perks of Get Paid Early with Chime, just open a checking account and set up direct deposit.

Why didn't Chime pay me two days early?

Chime’s Get Paid Early feature can process your paycheck up to two days ahead of your scheduled payday. But what happens if your paycheck isn’t in your account yet?

Our bank partners operate Monday through Friday, meaning they only process direct deposits during the week. Your paycheck may be delayed if your payday falls on a weekend or a bank holiday.

Because direct deposits are highly regulated, they have a few stops on their journey from your employer to your bank account. Sometimes, these additional steps can delay your direct deposit. If you don’t see your paycheck in your checking account by payday, reach out to your payroll provider to ensure they’ve processed your direct deposit.

What banks let you get paid early?

While several major financial institutions do not have early paycheck access, some banks and financial tech companies like Chime now offer this feature. For example, Chime, which is not a bank but offers financial services via banking partners, includes a Get Paid Early feature. By setting up direct deposit with Chime, you can get your paycheck up to two days early.¹ There’s no fee for this feature.

Start getting paid early with Chime

You need your paycheck for groceries, gas, bills, healthcare, and a night out here and there. Why should you have to wait for it? Open a Chime Checking Account to start taking advantage of Get Paid Early. It’s your money for your hard work – you just get it faster.

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